Top card games at Canada’s online casinos

The value of the global video game industry has increased almost fivefold between 2012 to 2021. As a nation of video game lovers, Canada is no exception when it comes to the growth driving this market. Technological advances in recent years have meant that the online casino sector specifically has seen a significant amount of growth. 

Popular games like online blackjack, poker, and slots have been transformed in the online space, becoming more innovative than ever before. Thanks to increased convenience and accessibility, people from across Canada are now able to play their favorite casino games online. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the popularity of online casino games in Canada and evaluate some of the much-loved card games Canadians are playing. 

Why are online casinos so popular?

Around 19.3 million Canadians regularly partake in gambling games, contributing to the nation being ranked 8th overall for online gaming. While increasingly flexible laws on gambling in Canada mean that most Canadians can easily access high-quality brick-and-mortar casinos across Canada, there’s no denying that playing casino games online is easier.

Some of the top benefits of playing casino games online include:

Ease of access: Online casinos are not restricted to the same kinds of opening hours as brick and mortar venues. In fact, online casinos are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you have access to the internet and a mobile device, online casinos can be easily accessed anywhere and at any time in Canada.

More game variety: As online casinos are not restricted by physical space; they are able to offer a huge variety of games that players wouldn’t typically find in their local casino. From blackjack to live dealer poker, baccarat, theme slot games, and much more, there’s a huge variety on offer for advanced and new players alike.

Securer payments: New technologies mean that online casinos are now able to accept payments from advanced methods like cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not linked to the central bank and as such, transactions are not tracked, this offers players increased anonymity. Many online casinos also use trusted and secure payment options such as traditional bank card of e-wallet payment methods like PayPal.