“A Day in the Life” with Visual Artist and Writer Deepa Mittimani

My mom, Deepa Mittimani, is a passionate artist motivated by the love of art and an endless artistic flair. From my earliest memories, I’ve seen her love of painting evolve into an adventure of constant growth. Whether it was school projects, crafts, or mesmerizing henna drawings, my mother’s creative spirit was a constant. She was always creating something new. I recall my 5th birthday, I wanted an Elsa birthday cake. My mom, with her culinary artistry, baked the cake and decorated it with the icing. Then she prepared the cape from sugar syrup crafting it to mimic the glistening ice effect. She had to try a few times to get the sugar crystal consistency right to look like ice. I think that was the best birthday cake ever. 🙂

Her art experiments continued to evolve from painting, drawing and jewelry making. Her journey as an artist is a testament to her self-taught brilliance. She started with acrylic painting and has carved her niche with a unique style. In addition to being an exceptional artist, my mother became a teacher, teaching art classes to kids. In these classes, she not only taught her skills but also ignited the creativity of young children.

Living in Calgary, Alberta embraced by the rockies and glaciers gives her a never-ending source of inspiration. Her paintings of mountains are one component of her art that I love the most. Three sisters, Rundle Mountain or Lake Moraine – every painting will invite you to relive the magic of those special places.

I admire her work as it is a delicate dance between abstract and realism. Each stroke captures the essence of that place.

She was born and raised in India which is so rich in colours, textures and variety. Her work shows the influence of her Indian origin in her colour choices. She would not hesitate to use a teal colour on a mountain or a tree or a bright red for a sky. Her fearless use of bold colours and clever manipulation of shadows breathe life into her mountains, making them dynamic and captivating. She says he tries to capture feelings, not scenery and that is what makes her work inviting and interesting.

What I love about her is that she is always learning something new and her experiments are fueled with a childlike curiosity.

She is a great poet and a writer. She has published a few books of her poetry and other subjects. She has always been a great storyteller. When we were kids, she used to create different bedtime stories, around our day-to-day experiences and used to gently guide us towards the morals and lessons.

Last year she combined her love for storytelling and painting by publishing 3 children’s books which are written and illustrated by her. It was such a fun project, where each page came alive with the magic of her imagination.

Wishing her more creative avenues to explore and cheers to the creative force within her.

-Written by Mrunmayee Mittimani, Daughter

Deepa Mittimani
Children’s book launch- signing the copies for the young readers.
Deepa Mittimani
Mom and daughter twinning.
Sunrise in Jasper.
Three sisters- acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches.
Lake Moraine- Acrylic on canvas. 10x 20 inches. Original sold. Prints available.
Shimmering snow. Acrylic on canvas. 10x 20 inches. Original sold. Prints available.
Deepa Mittimani
With my Husband Pravin. – my support, critique, framer, installation assistant
Deepa Mittimani
Align with nature. – Digital Art series.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I am in New Brighton, SE, Calgary.

What do you do?

I paint mainly in acrylics. My artistic inspiration finds its roots in the diverse landscapes of Alberta, embracing a modern impressionist style of painting with a vivid colour palette. I try to translate the essence of what I see into the canvas. My focus lies not merely in capturing images but in freezing moments that tell stories. Can you picture a sky painted with sunset-coloured clouds or the sun casting playful shadows on a canvas of untouched snow? Every frame in nature is breathtaking if we are paying attention—a visual narrative that unfolds layer by layer. To achieve this effect, I work in layers with each stroke aimed to enhance shadows, creating a beautiful play of light and glow.

My pursuit is to find alignment with nature. Have you ever felt a connection with nature when it washes you with serenity and profound calmness? In Summertime we like to spend time in the Rockies, going on hikes or camping. When we are camping out in the woods, I listen to the silence of the jungle. That silence speaks its own language—a language which is often drowned out by the artificial sounds of city life. A drop of water on a tent, and the subtle sounds of critters—all compose a unique symphony, a melody of nature.

I am a CPA by profession and my day job involves the super logical analytical part of the brain. Yet, a subtle undercurrent of creativity persists. At the back of my mind, I am always in a creative mode. While crunching numbers from my home office, a simple gaze out the window reveals the poetic interplay of snow-clad trees, or a water droplet on the window casting interesting patterns of light and shadow.

As a writer and poet, my heart enjoys the art of crafting children’s books, where words take a backseat, allowing enchanting illustrations to take centre stage. The process is an interesting journey, from penning down a story and breathing life into characters to the intricate task of illustrating, each step adding layers to a world where imagination knows no bounds. Children’s books, for me, are a canvas where storytelling transcends the limitations of words, inviting young minds to explore the magic of visual narratives.

My art serves as a bridge between the structured world of numbers and the boundless creativity inherent in the natural world striking a balance that hovers on the edge between abstract and realism. It invites you to step into the rhythm of Alberta’s landscapes, offering a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Join me in this exploration where logic meets artistic expression, and the canvas becomes a reflection of both nature’s beauty and the creative pulse within.

What are you currently working on?

My current artistic energy is divided into multiple projects. I am currently working on a landscape series which has a collection of Alberta’s mountain peaks. I am aiming to paint on a larger size canvas to capture the awe-inspiring majestic beauty of these places echoing the grandeur of the natural world.

Simultaneously, I am also navigating the world of digital art and creating a series titled “Align with Nature.” Each medium has its own challenges and advantages. Currently, I am navigating how to translate my distinctive style of painting into a digital canvas.

On the literary front, I am also working on the illustrations and character-building for a new children’s book. The story has taken its root, now it’s branching out in the phase of illustrations. Additionally, a colouring book featuring intricate mandala drawings is reaching its final stages, promising a meditative journey for those who enjoy colouring and relaxing.

As I navigate the diverse challenges and relish in the unique nature that each project offers, the common thread remains my passion for artistic expression in its many forms.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work on Instagram. My books are available on all Amazon platforms worldwide. Here is the link for Canada.


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