Why Canadians Are Turning to Online Casinos

The popularity of online casinos has been growing worldwide ever since they first went live in the 1990s. Since then, the online gambling industry has only gone from strength to strength and is projected to be worth 160 million dollars by 2026. So yes, while online casinos are clearly incredibly popular, they are particular popular amongst Canadians. So while you will be right in thinking that Canadians love to explore the road less travelled, modern Canadians also look to stay connected. When it comes to online casinos, we are sure you are asking the same question we did when we first leant of this, why? Just why are more and more Canadians turning to online casinos as opposed to going to land based casinos or using other online services for entertainment? Well, if you are dying to know the answer, you have come to the right place.

The Quality

OK, so while this may seem obvious and is not necessarily specific to Canada, we have to mention it. When you consider what the online gambling industry is expected to be worth by 2026, it will probably not shock you to learn that online casinos are actually very good. Their quality can be boiled down to two main reasons.

Firstly, with so many sites wanting a piece of the pie, there is fierce competition in the industry. Online casinos know that they need to stand out if they are going to survive, so no expense can be spared when it comes to ensuring the quality of their services. A large number of online casinos are so confident that you will love their product that they offer fantastic bonuses, like the ones you can find at games.netent.com/ca/casino-bonuses/no-deposit/, which is only good news for potential players.

Secondly, the advancements made in technology since online casinos first went live are staggering. As a result, the casino games are better, the graphics and sound effects are more realistic and the in-game chat options are next to none. These improvements have won the praise of even those believed that you could never recreate an authentic casino online.

Internet Penetration

Canada is at the forefront of global technological development in a multitude of areas, including transportation, telecommunications and energy.

When it comes to telecommunications, you only need to look at the percentage of the population using the internet in Canada to understand how online casinos have become so popular. In 2019 alone, Canada had an estimated 34.56 million users. This means that a staggering 96% of the population were able to access online services.

The Proliferation of Smartphones

Another reason online casinos have become so popular in Canada is that there are over 31 million smartphone users in the country. The smartphone market is an important part of the telecommunications industry in Canada and they just so happen to be one of the main ways people engage with online casinos.

The online casino industry understands that individuals living in technologically advanced countries, like Canada, want to be able to enjoy their favourite casino games when they want and where they want. As a result, they have put a huge amount of effort into making their websites compatible with smartphones to attract new generations of players.

So the next time someone asks why Canadians are turning to online casinos, you will know what to say. It is the combination of high quality casino games, the level of technology in Canada and the fact that you are able to play on the go, or to put it simply, it suits the lifestyle and capabilities of what it means to be a Canadian in the digital age!



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