Historical Wildlife Photos From Across Alberta: Part Two

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received about our first historical wildlife post, and the one solely dedicated to bears, we decided to create part two.

Below is a collection of 30 photographs featuring different species of wildlife from across this province. Among other things, you will quickly notice some bad habits people are displaying when it comes to interacting with wild animals, namely feeding them. This is not only very dangerous, but also irresponsible because inevitably something will happen and ultimately it’s the animal that ends up paying the price, usually with their life.

Please do not replicate the behaviours depicted in some of these photographs. If you do happen to run into a wild animal, enjoy the moment, but make sure that the encounter ends peacefully for both parties. If you’re unsure how to react after spotting wildlife this useful information from WildSmart should help you be better prepared.

For now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy these historical wildlife photographs.


Antelope fawn at Lokier ranch, Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1935
Rattlesnake den on Gallup Flat near Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1935
Gopher looking out of hole, Alberta, 1937
Buffalo in Banff National Park, Banff, Alberta, 1916
Osprey (?) in its nest, 1930s
Red squirrel in Rocky Mountains, 1930s
Mountain goats on roof of mountain cabin, Banff area, Alberta, 1939-1945
Deer, Banff area, Alberta, 1939-1945
Gophers at Province of Alberta Department of Agriculture, Edmonton, Alberta, 1917
Mountain goat in a river in winter near Banff, Alberta, 1930
Porcupine, 1921
Deer near Banff National Park, Alberta, 1920s
Moose in low willows, Banff, Alberta, n.d.
Great Horned Owl, 1930s
Moose swimming, 1930s
Young golden eagle in nest on Needle Peak, Alberta, 1930s
Chicken hawk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, 1930s
Young fox Edmonton, Alberta, 1928
Man feeding buffalo, Banff National Park, Alberta, n.d.
Yak in Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta, 1920
Buffalo at Banff, Alberta, n.d.
Mrs. J. Kemmis, feeding bear cubs, Waterton, Alberta, 1943
Wild geese swimming, n.d.
Antelope at Lake Newell, Alberta, n.d.
Beaver, n.d.
Moose, n.d.
Elk and buffalo at Banff, Alberta, 1940s-1950s
Boys with magpies, Calgary, Alberta, 1956
Elk in Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta, n.d.
Deer on the highway between Banff and Mount Norquay, 1966


All of the above photos are published with permission from the Glenbow Archives. Additional information can be found for each photograph on the Glenbow website by searching the identification number that is printed on each photo.

There is also the option to purchase a high resolution copy. Stay tuned for additional posts featuring historical photos from Alberta. We would love to know what you think in the comment section below.

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