“A Day in Life” with painter and sculptor Anca Dimoff

Anca Dimoff is a painter and a sculptor. Born in Timisoara, Romania, Anca Dimoff first started studying Industrial Design in an attempt to merge her love of art with her need for structure; after moving to Canada, Anca wanted to pursue different forms of visual art and really enjoyed sculpture and printmaking in college.

Her focus when creating is to explore familiar places, objects, ideas and surroundings, while being conscious of unique features, sometimes referred to as flaws.

While creating her encaustic series (viewable at the Canmore Hospital as part of the Art for the Heart exhibition of local artists), Anca was most interested in exploring this medium and experimenting with materials and surface treatments.

Anca Dimoff
Christmas with my family (Aaron, Ava and Raena)
Anca Dimoff
My Studio Space
Anca Dimoff
Art for the Heart – Canmore (Current Exhibition – Hanging my encaustic paintings)
Anca Dimoff
Ode to Music – Quenten Doolittle Memorial Gallery (Recent Exhibition with Pumphouse Theatre)
Anca Dimoff
The Romanian Artists of Alberta (I am a part of this online book of artists)
Anca Dimoff
First touches on my new oil painting of my favourite bowl and eggs
Anca Dimoff
On our way to one of my husband’s concerts (Aaron Dimoff – Bass Baritone)
Skating with Aaron

What ‘hood are you in?

I live in the Riverbend neighbourhood.

What do you do?

I am a Visual Artist, Retail Manager, wife and a mom.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on a few small still life oil paintings as well as experimenting with clay works and different surface treatments.

Where can we find your work?

My work can currently be seen as part of the Art for the Heart exhibition in Canmore (a combination of Watercolours and Encaustics inspired by nature and my home country of Romania) and as part of the Ode to Music show at the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary (inspired by my husband Aaron Dimoff who is an Opera singer; I’ve created a few drawings of composers we both love and it fit the theme perfectly). You can also keep up to date with my art at my website.