West African Jollof Rice from Flavours Cuisine and Catering

This week’s recipe is comes from Adebola Esan’s Flavours Cuisine and Catering.  Her Jollof rice is the perfect addition to a weeknight dinner and can be served with your choice of protein!

Jollof Rice Recipe

Jollof Rice Recipe

Serves 4 to 6 people

Process takes about 50 minutes


– 2 red bell peppers( 250g)
– 1 onion bulb (180g)
– 2 Tomatoes (250g)
– 1 small habanero (Optional)
– 1.5 tbs Tomato paste
– 1/4 cup oil
– 4 cups per boiled rice
– 1 tbs Seasoning salt
– 1 tsp curry
– 1/2 tsp thyme
– 1 cup stock water
– You will use 4 cups of water in total


1. Rinse the first 4 items (red bell peppers, onion, tomato, habanero)

2. Slice a bit out of the onion and set aside

3. Blend the 4 items together

4. Pour the oil in a pot

5. Add the sliced onion let it sizzle

6. Add curry, thyme, seasoning salt

7. Add your blended mix, and stock water, allow to boil

8. Reduce the heat

9. Wash rice and add to the sauce

10. Gently mix together with a spatula, cover and let cook on low heat

11. In a short while with a spatula lift the rice so the sauce gets to the bottom of the pot

12. Taste to see if it is done or soft to eat. Rice should be soft

13. Serve with your choice of protein.