“Five Minutes With” Calgary Musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collected an audience of fans across North America drawn to his simple honest words and genuine smile. Having
released 4 full-length albums to date, Fitzgerald has spent his career since 2006 creating music, touring, developing as a songwriter, and connecting with audiences. Fitzgerald’s unique and innovative ideas coupled with his inherent warmth allow him to engage with people in a way that always leaves them meaningfully connected.

After over a decade of working with labels, creating songs with top-tier L.A. songwriters and producers including Jon Levine (Drake, Dua Lipa), Brian West (Maroon 5, K’naan), and Dennis Herring (Ra-Ra Riot, Modest Mouse) on About You, and spending some time in the charts with “I Wanna Make it With You” (2016) and “One Love” (2016), Fitzgerald has finally found himself and a calm, rooted, unfeigned sound at home. A career of touring across Canada and around the world sharing the stage with artists like Bryan Adams, Ben Harper, Dan Mangan, Sam Roberts, Joel Plaskett, and Kings of Leon has brought Michael back to his hometown, Calgary Alberta, to create his newest record Love Valley.

If it was in a small club or larger theatre like the Vogue in Vancouver, the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, or on the big stages at a festivals like Calgary Folk Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Firefly Festival or Mountain Jam (to name a few) the spirit of honest connection with people has always existed in Fitzgerald’s performances. Today, he knows the value of time spent living in the moment and continues to go forward fostering the experience of connecting one song, one room, one fan at a time.

michael bernard fitzgerald

Name: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Genre: Folk/Pop/Alternative (Some mix of the three)

Founded: I think I played my first solo show with acoustic guitar in 2005

# of Albums: 6 Full Length releases, with a few eps and live records in between

Latest Release: Love Valley

Latest Single: Heart of It

Latest Video:

Favourite Local Restaurant:


Favourite band as a teenager:

So many, but had a big Dashboard Confessional phase

Favourite band now:

So many, consistently these days it comes back to Bon Iver a fair bit.

Guilty Pleasure Song:

‘Let me love you’ Mario

Live Show Ritual:

We have a nice pre show chat, with a borrowed call and answer from Madeline, have been doing that for years

Favourite local artist:

JJ Shiplett, we have had a lot of fun together over the last couple years

Nose Hill or Fish Creek?

Fish Creek, based on my childhood, but just tried out Nose Hill the other weekend and the dog park is massive!

EP or LP?

Hmm, both, I love an LP because it tells a full story. EPs and single tracks are great too and I think are relevant in a cool way these days. They’re almost like the moods and glimpses in between. I love how artwork lines up with full length releases. I work with a great team, and it was fun to bring together the music and visual art last year.

Early bird or night owl?

Getting the worm

Road or studio?

Was always road, but have been loving studio more than I ever have these days.

Where can we follow you?

@ilovembf on most socials, mailing list at michaelbernardfitzgerald.com and most importantly follow on apple and spotify (or whatever platform you use) Those follows are so relevant these days.

Any shows or albums coming up?

Shows, we’ll see! so much in that these days. Music, have been writing and enjoying that a lot these days.