“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Author Charlotte Bellows

Charlotte Bellows has been writing since a very young age, completing her first novel in elementary school. She enjoys starting her morning with coffee and looks forward to the special seasonal coffees in the colder months. When she is not studying, Charlotte enjoys reading obscure and profound literature, browsing indie bookstores, and unknowingly giving the best book recommendations. Charlotte also has a great appreciation for nature and can be caught biking through autumn leaves or gazing up at the stars with a milkshake in hand. For fun, Charlotte enjoys checking out the coolest parts of town, rewatching old movies, and playing board games. She listens to fun music that will either make me shed a tear or have the sudden urge to get a tattoo. Some things that Charlotte dislikes are insufferable math classes, pretentious people, and cheesy romance novels (although she deeply enjoys reading the backs of them for a good laugh). In a nutshell, Charlotte is a fun, spontaneous young adult with a wicked sense of humour and a know-how for saying the kindest things right when you need them. To you, I would recommend her as a wonderful friend and accomplice in crime, however, I cannot because she is already mine. I can, on the other hand, recommend you read her memoir, The Definition of Beautiful, which is just as unique and amazing as she is.

-Written by Ava Retzer, bestie of Charlotte

Charlotte Bellows
I always love going on little adventures and road trips with my friends on long weekends and exam breaks. This picture was taken in January, in BC. I’d just gone swimming in a natural hot spring.
Charlotte Bellows
Every summer, my family drives two hours outside of the city to my cabin. We spend our time swimming, tubing, hiking, and playing board games. Every evening I would go down to the lake to watch the sunset
Track season!! I met my main high school friend group through running. After every race, I vowed to never run again, but I would always come back because of my love for the friends I made on the team
Study sesh at Central library!! I surrendered to the bio diploma
Charlotte Bellows
This is me holding a printed copy of my book for the first time, coincidentally on the day of my 18th birthday. It was such a surreal experience. I feel that perhaps this is an omen that good things will come in this year of my life
This is me on a tram in San Francisco, during the summer after I graduated high school. I value travel so much – the ability to explore and see different parts of the world. I’ve always felt deeply connected to my home in Calgary (less because of the geographical location, more because of the people here), but I try to step out of the comfort of familiarity when I’m given the chance. I’m trying to learn that if life takes me in a different direction, there are other places I could make home, too
My book launch! I was so grateful and pleasantly surprised by how many people came to support me and my book. After the event, some of my friends and I stuck around to feast on the remaining catered snacks and take this picture
Charlotte Bellows
This is my brother, who I love very much. We got especially close during the pandemic. Often we’ll go for night drives together to listen to music and get ice cream


Which ‘hood are you in?

Garrison Green, in the North Glenmore area.

What do you do?

I ponder. Sometimes I also reminisce.

What are you currently working on?

Lately, I’ve been channelling all the turmoil that comes with moving away from home and into the unknown into a strange, fragmented story. There are a lot of fictionalized significant memories thrown in as I prepare to say goodbye to my life here. Eventually, I’ll go through and clean it up. I’m not completely sure where I’m going with it, but working on it brings me peace.

Where can we find your work?

My memoir, The Definition of Beautiful, came out on September 1st. It can be ordered anywhere that sells books! This includes Chapters, the Freehand website, independent bookstores, etc.


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