“A Day in the Life” with policy & wellness consultant, Yalda Kazemi

Yalda Kazemi is a devoted mother, mental health advocate, author, public speaker, and stylist.

She has been paving the way and pioneering the concepts of combining mental health with the world of fashion before it became trendy to do so (pun intended). Her personal struggle experiencing and ultimately overcoming postpartum mental illness led her on a path to instil change, break stigmas and empower the lives of others in the best way she knows how; by sharing her story in her book, Unapologetic Truths: The Realities of Postpartum We Don’t Talk About.

Yalda Kazemi has the profound ability to raise awareness and educate about such a stigmatized, and at times dark, topic, effortlessly by captivating her audiences every time.  Her book and speaking engagements have had a profound impact on the lives of many; often being told that she’s the person who has inspired them to change their perspectives about mental illness.

She is well known for uplifting and supporting those around her, and is filled with tremendous compassion; always striving to support and empower others. And, when’s she’s not busy doing all of that, she’s also a self-professed “nerd” who enjoys consulting and writing corporate policies, reading medical and psychology journals, dressing up in fabulous fashions and also perusing the pages of the latest fashion magazines – always combining the best of both worlds.

Yalda Kazemi is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to many.

Written by Ayda Tehrani (sister).

Yalda Kazemi
Amir and I – My everything, my son.
Yalda Kazemi
Because I will never stop having fun with fashion, and it will never stop making me smile and feel uplifted… for me, it has mood-boosting superpowers.
An up-close look at my pop-up shop, “Curated by Yalda” located in Hudson’s Bay Chinook.
I love to socialize over a great meal with family and friends, and Italian food just happens to be my weakness.
The strongest and most supportive women in my life, my mom and sisters.
They are my world.
Yalda Kazemi
This picture makes me smile because, at a time when travelling was banned, it looks as though I’m visiting a far-away land somewhere, but it’s actually right here in Calgary is near my amazing friend (and publicist) Aldona’s home. It reminds me that we can choose to perceive positivity and beauty in every situation.
At a Norooz party (pre-pandemic) with my mom and my sister, Ayda – because I’m deeply proud of my Persian culture/background.
Yalda Kazemi
I have fun with fashion every day because it brings me joy, lets me be creative and it’s one strategy that helped me overcome my postpartum mental illness (find out how in my book).
My new pop-up shop, “Curated by Yalda” in partnership with (and located at) Hudson’s Bay Chinook; where we merge the worlds of mental health and fashion.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I’m actually just in the process of changing neighbourhoods and will likely be heading to Arbour Lake in the NW.

What do you do?

I’m a Policy & Wellness Consultant, Author, Public Speaker, Mental Health Advocate and Stylist (who also dabbles in a bit of freelance writing, editing and wellness coaching). I guess you can say I do a lot; because I believe that we don’t have to partake in just one job, but can utilize our many strengths, experiences and talents to offer value and create impact in multiple areas.

What are you currently working on?

Providing speaking sessions to organizations in an effort to change perceptions and perspectives about mental illness while fostering a culture of wellbeing, continuing to raise awareness about mental illness and be a voice for those who suffer in silence through my book, and merging the worlds of fashion and mental health through a new partnership with Hudson’s Bay Chinook via my new pop-up shop “Curated by Yalda” (currently located at Hudson’s Bay Chinook).

Where can we find your work?

On my website and Instagram.  You can also find my book online and at local Calgary Chapters/Indigo stores, as well as online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere e-books are sold.



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