Old Photographs of Banff, Alberta (Gallery)

Whistler and Aspen may get all the glory, but the real ones know the beauty of Banff.

The historic landmark Banff Springs, a literal castle, now operated by Fairmont, is a luxury resort looming ominously in the Rockies looking like a more sinister Overlook Hotel.

1901 – View of the Banff Springs Hotel

If ritzy by way of The Shining isn’t your vibe, Banff has something for everyone. Banff is a premiere destination for camping, canoeing, rafting, mountaineering, and soaking in the many hot springs.

Downtown Banff is walkable and car-free friendly with restaurants, galleries, shopping, and attractions served by Roam Public Transit.

Located in a national park, and surrounded by picturesque mountain vistas, and home to viral Instagram bait wildflower carpeted Sunshine Meadows and stunning turquoise Lake Louise, and classic Canadian wildlife, and several winter and summer festivals, Banff easily makes the list of top Canadian places to visit before you die.

1940s – Banff Avenue

Banff was originally settled as a workcamp, and was first known as Canadian Pacific Railway Siding 29. During the town’s settlement, Banff’s streets were orientated to get the best views of Cascade Mountain.

The Calgary Archives provide an overview of Banff’s humble origins, and the picturesque unspoiled beauty of the mountains.

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1900 – View of the Banff Hot Springs
1900s – Chateau Rundle Banff
1907 – Motor-boat, Echo River, Banff.
1907 – Young Men’s Christian Association Camp, Banff, Echo River.
1920-1930 – Banff Windemere Road
1922 – Police Barracks in Banff, Ablerta
1922 – Stony Indigenous at Banff Springs Hotel
1924 – Winners of Burns Cup and Grand Aggregate, Banff Bonspiel.
1925 – July-Bow Valley, Banff National Park.
1927 – Banff railroad station.
1937 – Dominion Ski Championships Banff.
1937 – Dominion Ski Championships.
1938-1939 – Road Surfacing, Banff National Park, Crown Paving Company Limited.
1940 – Banff
1940 – View of the Cave Springs hotsprings, Banff
1940 – Mt. Ishbel, Banff National Park.
1940s – Banff Springs Hotel
1944 – Banff Avenue and Cascade Mountain.
1946 – Banff Springs Hotel
1946 – View of Banff from Tunnel Mountain.
1953 – Chair Lift
1957 – Banff Village and Goat Mountain
1983-August 6 – Num-ti-jah Lodge, Banff National Park




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