Homegrown Business: Dress for Adventure with Lace Brick Design

Are the confines of your home making you feel like you have cabin fever? Can’t wait until the day you can resume your hiking, cottaging, and adventures? Local women’s apparel brand Lace Brick Design will have your wardrobe ready for adventure when the time comes! This week we spoke to the founder, Jackie Chemelli, to learn more about how we can look fabulous on the trails!

Founder of Lace Brick Design, Jackie Chemelli
Founder of Lace Brick Design, Jackie Chemelli

What is your business called and what does it do?

Lace Brick Design is an adventure lifestyle brand for women. We design jewelry, apparel and camp supply to empower passionate adventurers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Based near the heart of the Rockies in Calgary AB, Lace Brick Design is dedicated to building strong community vibes and styling passionate, fearless females. Lace Brick Design is most well-known for our Alpine necklaces and Mountain Girl design which can be found on our popular sweatshirts, tank tops, and camp supply. We are grateful for a growing tribe of 23k+ on Instagram and over 18k Facebook followers! Lace Brick Design even has an official hashtag: #ponytailsandmountaintrails!

Alongside our online shop, you can also find Lace Brick Design in 60+ stores across Canada. Our latest successful endeavour, in response to demand from our devoted customers, is the launch of Baby Brick! Apparel for her wild heart: Baby Brick is a lil’ sister company of Lace Brick Design. A brand to style her little adventures with an adorable line of printed onesies, beanies, and bibs. Each piece is designed for little girls who are lucky to grow up in the adventure lifestyle – a way to express her {future} love of exploring, wilderness and the places she calls home. The Baby Brick line is created with one-of-a-kind, locally-designed prints. The simple, eye-catching designs are easily loveable and will make any little girl the cutest wherever she goes! Lace Brick Design and Baby Brick LOVE being involved with community!

We can be found setting up shop at local markets, holding workshops, contributing to local events, and collaborating with other amazing grassroots businesses. Our community members (dubbed the ‘Ponytail Posse’) are THE best around town and we absolutely consider each one of them a part of the Lace Brick Design family!

Baby Brick
Baby Brick

What made you want to do this work?

Jackie Chemelli is the female founder & owner of @lacebrickdesign, a popular adventure lifestyle brand for women. She thrives on new adventures, creativity, building community & connecting like-minded go-getters! Jackie is a partner to one of Canada’s top western leathersmiths, Ben Forster of @tfb_leather & a new-ish mom to the coolest 2 year old twin boys, Sawyer & Miller.
An obsession with entrepreneurship & a passion for the creative life has propelled Jackie to recently expand her repertoire. While maintaining her title role as @lacebrickdesign brand CEO, she now also guest speaks & holds workshops as a brand-building educator. Jackie loves to upskill and share her accumulated brand-building understandings with up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

What problem does this solve?

Women are highly underrepresented in the adventure lifestyle realm. Lace Brick Design is a brand that has filled this niche by blending locally-designed goods with the messages adventure-loving women want to share with the World. Our goods and brand messages empower passionate, kind, and community-oriented women. We love that our customers say, ‘This is SO me!’ when they shop and wear our goods!

Who are your clientele/demographics?

Women ages 24-45

How does your business make money? How does it work?

Lace Brick Design is an online brand. We also wholesale to 60+ stores nation-wide. You can also find Lace Brick Design set up at local Alberta markets.

Where in Calgary can we find your profession?

Here is a link to our retail partners.

Strong Like A Girl Crew
Strong Like A Girl Crew from Lace Brick Design

What is the best question a prospective customer could ask a member of your profession when comparing services?

Q: Do you sell goods for men?
A: HECK NO! We are a brand for the girls! Female-founded and female operated, we pride ourselves on creating and sourcing goods designed for strong and compassionate women. #stronglikeagirl

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

The absolute best part is creating and sourcing goods that resonate with women! We have built a beautiful community and we adore our customers (lovingly dubbed the Ponytail Posse – based on our popular brand hashtag, #ponytailsandmountaintrails)! Our loyal customer following is a collective of community-focused and kindness-driven women who are passionate adventurers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers!

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