Delicious Yukon Arctic Char, Sumac, Broccoli, Seared Leeks and Avonlea Buttermilk Sauce

Chef Scott MacKenzie of River Café Restaurant shared with us his delicious recipe for Yukon Arctic Char, Sumac, Broccoli, Seared Leeks and Avonlea Buttermilk Sauce. Enjoy!

Yukon Arctic Char

Yukon Arctic Char, Sumac, Broccoli, Seared Leeks, Avonlea Buttermilk Sauce

Broccoli Puree

-Broccoli – 350g

-Spinach – 50g

-Butter – 75g

-Cream – 190g

-Milk – 190g

Slice the small broccoli stem and set aside. In a large bottom pot melt butter and place in the slice broccoli stems.

Cook till almost tender. Add cream and milk and reduce till coating the broccoli. Place in blender with spinach and puree. Pass through chinois into a bowl in an ice bath.

Avonlea Buttermilk Sauce

-Avonlea – 100g

-Buttermilk – 500g

-Roasted Garlic – 30g

Heat the buttermilk, place in a blender and add roasted garlic and puree. Then slowly add the Avonlea cheddar until emulsified. Pass through chinois into a bowl in an ice bath.

Broccoli Sumac Crumb

-Broccoli Florets – 200g

-Sumac – 20g

In a large pot fill 1/3 of the way with canola oil. Bring up to 400F. Fry broccoli till crispy. Wait till cooled down and mix in the sumac.

Leek Rounds

Slice whites into 1/2 inch pieces and steam or blanch till tender.

Slice the large broccoli stem on a mandolin. Blanch in boiling water until tender and put into an ice bath.

Arctic Char

Pin bone the fillet and portion into 170g


1. Cook in the oven at 400F till the skin pulls off, polace back in the oven till desired doneness. Once cooked take out and cover with the broccoli crumb.

2. Heat the finished broccoli purée up and place on plate

3. Heat the Avonlea buttermilk sauce in a small pot and fold through the broccoli stems. Once hot, place on the plate.

4. Take the cooked leeks and sear in a pan with a splash of oil till golden brown and place on the plate.

5. Place char covered with crumb on top of the Avonlea sauce.