Recipe for Mama’s Lasagna Pizza from Chef Rocco Agostino

Pizzeria Libretto’s Executive Chef, Rocco Agostino, shared with us this delicious Mama’s Lasagna Pizza recipe. Chef explains that while his memory might not be the sharpest, those that never fade are from when he was little, watching his mama in the kitchen; the simplicity of her cooking and the pure joy she got from feeding the family left a mark on him at a young age. And while he wouldn’t dare recreate her original lasagna recipe because it would never compare, he has created Mama’s Lasagna pizza, perfect to show off with your guests on any occasion.

Lasagna Pizza recipe

Mama’s Lasagna Pizza


  • 40 g Provolone Cheese
  • 40 g Fior di Latte
  • 50 g Prosciutto Cotto
  • 3 Fl. oz. Tomato Sauce
  • 2 g Dried Oregano
  • 6 g Basil Leaves
  • 5 g Peeled Garlic
  • 10 g Grated Parmesan
  • 1 Ball of Dough


Cooking the Pizza:

Having a pizza stone is the best way to cook pizza in a home oven. If you don’t have a pizza stone a large cast iron pan or a sheet pan turned upside down would work.

1. Preheat the oven to 550° F with the pizza stone in it.

2. Dress pizza once the oven is to temp. If you dress your pizza and have to wait for the oven, there is a good chance that the dough will stick to the surface and be harder to pick up and put in the oven.

3. Cook the pizza for 5 – 7 mins (it will depend on your oven and how hot it gets) until the crust is a nice golden and has slight blistering.

Dressing the Pizza:

1. Place a layer of tomato sauce on the dough and spread evenly, leaving 1⁄2 inch before the crust.

2. For the next layer, evenly place grated parmesan, basil, dried oregano, sliced garlic, fior di latte, prosciutto cotto and provolone.



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