“Five Minutes With” Local Melodic Punk Band Chiliocosm

From soothing alternative grooves and biting melodic punk, to fiery breakdowns and and beyond. Chiliocosm defy any distinct genre and instead diverge on their own course. That road led to Calgary only a few months ago. The band spent their formative years developing their musicianship and sound in the small Grande Prairie music scene. Through humble beginnings of open mics and hosting their own diy shows, they eventually grew a fanbase, who helped them to win battle of the band competitions, play festivals and open for acts such as Sublime, Simple Plan and Pop Evil.

“We never want to stop growing as a band and as musicians, we love our hometown, but Calgary has a lot more to offer and see. It made sense for our personal lives more than anything. ”

Set to make a big splash in Calgary’s diverse music scene, the band is releasing their first single” Almost There”. A melancholic testament to staying hopeful during struggling times.

“This song is about the inner conflict of charging forward when you don’t really want too, sometimes you plant seeds, you water them, and they dont cultivate for a very long time, then one day they just spruce up, kinda like bamboo. Its a hopeful song, that perspires angst. In this day and age, with instant gratification at our fingertips, patience can feel like a heavy weight.”


Name: Chiliocosm

Genre: Alternative/Punkedelic

Founded: 2016

# of Albums: 1

Latest Release: Almost There

Latest Single: Almost There

Latest Video:

Favourite Local Restaurant:

Chris: Dark Table
Jason: Red’s in Kensington
Romer: Samuri Sushi

Favourite band as a teenager:

Chris: Rise Against
Jason: Silverstein
Romer: Linkin Park

Favourite band now:

Chris: Belmont
Jason: Belmont
Romer: Catfish and Bottleman

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Chris: Jonas Brothers – Only Human
Jason: The Story So Far – Upside Down
Romer: City & Color – Waiting

Live Show Ritual:

Chris: Vocal/guitar warmups and jammin out to some Hip-Hop
Jason: Stress for an hour making sure I packed everything, 4L of water before and during show, vocal warmups
Romer: Do 50 push ups

Favourite local artist:

Chris : Widmore or Kodae
Jason: Chad Vangaalen
Romer: Downway

Nose Hill or Fish Creek??

Chris: Haven’t been to fish Creek yet 😅
Jason: Nose Hill
Romer : Haven’t been to either yet so my vote is Fish Creek cause the fishies

EP or LP?

Chris: My attention span is too short for albums nowadays so EP
Jason: EPs, you can keep the hype train moving and focus on putting out only your best material
Romer: Lp all the way

Early bird or night owl?

Chris: Early Bird who feels like a night owl based on how tired i am waking up
Jason: Early Bird
Romer: Both

Road or studio?

Chris: The studio, where the magic happens
Jason : Both!
Romer: Road

Where can we follow you?


Any shows or albums coming up?

Everything has been sidelined by Covid, We might do some live streams though! Maybe an mtv cribs episode of our practice space or some quiplash!

We just recorded some of the best material we’ve written with Quinn from the band Royal Tusk right before this quarantine that we hope to put out later this year!

Thanks for having us!