“A Day in the Life” with producer and documentary filmmaker, Neil Grahn

Neil Grahn is a director/writer/producer who stays busy making documentaries and creating comedy. He started out in show business about a hundred years ago with a plucky comedy troupe called ‘Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie’, he was the showrunner for ‘Queen of the Oil Patch’ and the head writer for CBC Radio One’s ‘The Irrelevant Show’. Neil lives a split life bouncing back and forth between comedy and documentary. He’s busy this summer with a documentary series on food vendors plying the powwow trail and he’s eager to share ‘Rodeo Nation’ with the world.

Neil Grahn
Go-karting a couple of years ago in Tokyo.
Me trying to be cool in Beijing.
Me doing a plank while interviewing veterinarian Dr. Savannah Howse-Smith.
Me and my dog hanging out at one of our favourite spots along our daily walk.
Me and my friend Joe Bird being really hung over after a comedy taping and after-party the night before.
Neil Grahn
This is me hanging out doing one of my fave things – readin’ up a storm!
Neil Grahn
This is me on set this week on a break. I’m with Chief Bob Chiblow and camera person Jason Jenkins. We’re just chillin’ it’s been a long and hot day.
Neil Grahn
Hanging out on set at end of day and a butterfly became my friend!

Which ’hood are you in?

I reside in ‘West-side Edmonton’. It’s a suburban hood so I’m one of the badasses on my block.

What do you do?

I direct, I produce, I write (I’m currently starting a play on Pegahmagabow) (look him up). I also do improv comedy.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently developing a comedy series, working on a play, and directing a documentary series.

Where can we find your work?

Google me!

Recent Shows: ‘Queen of the Oil Patch’, ‘Crazy Like a Lynx’, A couple of comedy bits featured on ‘Funny or Die’, ‘Literally the Bible’, ‘Elijah and the Two Bears’, and ‘The Foreskin Dowry of King David’.