• Outdoors

    A Truly Wild Experience

    “The Smaller The Creature, The Bolder Its Spirit.” ~Suzy Kassem I found myself in a precarious situation, trying to keep the bike between me and the angry beast. No matter what I tried it just kept [...]
  • History

    The Sulphur Summit

    Norman Bethune Sanson has likely summited Sulphur Mountain more times than anyone else. The former curator of the Banff Park Museum first climbed the peak in 1896 to record weather observations from an elevated position. [...]
  • Outdoors

    The River Runs Red

    “Salmon are themselves a proud race. They are happy to come ashore each year and give their rich flesh to feed the people, but they must be treated with respect.”           [...]
  • Outdoors

    Ancient Ice

    “The view that lay before us in the evening light was one that does not often fall to the lot of modern mountaineers. A new world was spread at our feet: to the westward stretched [...]
  • History

    Written In Stone

    Writing-On-Stone is a provincial park in the southeast corner of Alberta near the Montana border. Vast open prairies meet endless sky before giving way to an otherworldly landscape in the Milk River Valley. The park [...]




In the Spotlight

From Police Outpost To Modern City

by Tyler Dixon in History

What was it like to stand in the middle of a wide open prairie and imagine a city?                ~Inscription on Mountie statue overlooking Fort Calgary. The confluence of [...]

Food & Drink

  • Buying and Eating Locally, In Two Recipes

    September 8, 2014
    I’ve made a serious effort over the past few years to buy locally as much as possible. As someone who spent years working for small, locally-owned independent businesses, I’ve become intimately familiar with how important these [...]