Weightless at the Extreme Air Park

I know people who say that they hate exercising. They don’t like running or lifting weights. But I say, have you tried everything? Have you tried trampolining?

After watching a video by YouTuber CloudyApples, I knew that as soon as the Extreme Air Park got a Calgary location that I’d have to visit. The Extreme Air Park offers indoor trampolines for people of all ages to bounce around on.

I went with a group of friends on a Thursday evening to the 1411 33 St NE location. The only hint that the building was different from the rest of the industrial offices was its full parking lot. Once inside, electronic music greeted us alongside a black interior accented with neon green.

We forgot to bring a lock, but luckily the front desk loaned us a key for collateral. After we paid ($15 for a 1 hour jump) and signed our waivers, we each got rubber soled socks in different colours. I watched enviously as soon teenagers sprung off the walls in the main trampoline pit while I put on my socks.

But then it was my turn.

I leapt into the air, bounding higher than I ever remembered doing as a kid. I jumped from one trampoline to another and felt like a character in the Matrix. Around five minutes after we started, the entire building plunged into darkness as the black light went on. Neon laser lights dotted the room in all directions.

We couldn’t wait any longer. It was time for the foam zone (pictured below). The foam zone is the only place where you’re allowed to do flips and tricks as you leap from the trampoline into a pit filled with Minecraft-esque foam squares. Like the adult version of a ball pit (although kids are allowed to come in too), the foam zone is equally difficult to get out of. I probably looked a little like this guy while trying to get out. One tip I found to get out was to lie down sideways and roll out towards the edge.

The other areas include a basketball hoop area and two dodgeball areas. There are three regular-sized hoops and a child-sized one. I might’ve used the child-sized one. I have no shame. The two different dodgeball areas allow for multiple dodgeball battles and both include many little balls to throw at your friends (or enemies).

After around thirty minutes of intense jumping, sweat dripped from my forehead and I felt exhausted. No wonder: the park also offers AIRobics Classes that apparently burn 1,000 calories an hour. We barely managed to last the full hour that we paid for.

Afterwards, I felt confused and disappointed once I stepped back onto the cement floor. Why wasn’t I flying? What is this thing we call gravity? I can’t wait to go back and feel weightless again.
If you and your friends want to have a fun workout on a rainy day in Calgary, definitely check out the Extreme Air Park.