“A Day in Life” with painter, photographer, teacher Doro Buch

Doro Buch is just like her art, charming, colourful and brilliant. She moved to Calgary in 2012 from Bremen, Germany and is both social scientist and contemporary visual artist. Her paintings consider dynamic compositions and the human condition. She works with oil and acrylics to create a range of imagery that is a mixture of every day life and a surreal dream. Her work touches upon current political affairs, social norms and concepts such as love, alienation and self-discovery. She enjoys using art to evoke emotions that she feels words alone cannot.

Doro is a painter, photographer and teacher. She loves to run workshops that combine science and artistic principals to help engage with public. She welcomes people from all walks of life and experience to participate. The latest workshop was run in conjunction with Beakerhead and explored the fascinating world of microcosms.

She has shared her work through public exhibitions at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, ArtPoint Gallery, University of Calgary, Calgary Public Library, Pumphouse Theatre, Vertigo Theatre and King Edward to name a few.

Doro is an artist that is approachable, welcoming and inclusive. Her work has grown exponentially over the years and I personally cannot wait to see what thought provoking painting she is secretly creating next.

– Written by honoured friend and artist Monica Ila

Doro Buch
In my studio.
Doro Buch
I have very specific ideas about painting surface and size and often stretch my own canvas.
Doro Buch
The Fall Artist Exhibition 2018 at the Vertigo Theatre.
Doro Buch
One of my Art & Science Workshops, here at Beakerhead: Small Things – Big painting.
Doro Buch
This summer I had the chance to be one of the lead artists at an amazing neighbourhood mural project. The Longest Mural in Canada was a project of Kim Walker with support from the Northern Hills Community and Mark Vazquez-Mackey as the head artist.
Photo credit: Liane Schuck
Doro Buch
One of my favorites this year was this group painting created together with family and friends: The Dreamer.
Doro Buch
When I’m not painting, I’m photographing. Like in my paintings – The orchestration of light and colour shows my particular view of the world.
Doro Buch
Music, my daily companion, although not every day a band like here on the photo Alchemy Affair, is playing in my living room. Music can open our mind, create or support a mood and transfer us into another world – This is the goal I try to achieve with my art.

What ‘hood are you in?

I live and work in Calgary in Crescent Heights. It’s an inspiring neighbourhood with a wonderful artist community. There is lots of good stuff going on. The most recent highlight is the mural at the center street created by the Buds of Buds Collective. And more fantastic things are to come next year… stay tuned!

What do you do?

I love to be creative and painting is my biggest passion. I paint mostly in oils, sometimes acrylics and in all kinds of formats. As a painter and a graduate in sociology, my artistic practice is focused on the themes of social discourse and cultural dialogue. I love how art can facilitate the understanding of complex topics.

When I’m outside the atelier I photograph. Like in my paintings, light and strong colours are the main ingredients to set the right mood of a scenery. I love to surprise with my photos and paintings with unusual motives and angles to show the audience diverse perspective of familiar settings.

I’m also working as an art instructor and German teacher. I really love and enjoy teaching. The painting workshops series Art & Science to seen in the photo above is a combination of learning interesting facts about our natural world and proses the input visually using unusual painting techniques and materials

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new project called “Dance”. This project is based on a series of large and small format paintings and focuses on the nuances that exist between the inner and outside world. But there are also several portraits, bird paintings, a circus scene and a mountain landscape… Also, a new Art & Science workshop coming up at the beginning of 2019.

Where can we find your work?

The easiest place to find my work and announcements about my upcoming exhibitions, projects, and workshops is my website. The first exhibition of the year will be at the Big Winter Classic, January 24 – 27, 2019 – Keep your eyes open!