“A Day in the Life” with contemporary dancer and choreographer, Meghann Michalsky

Meghann Michalsky is always sincere and radiates warmth in her friendships (relationships). She is bold and adventurous both in her creative pursuits and in travelling the world (experiencing different cultures). Receptive to new ideas, enthusiastic for others’ endeavours, affable conversationalist. Fun, loving, always a great hang thrives in the company of others.

Written by Julius Reyes – Friend


Meghann Michalsky brings so much ambition to her work, takes her audience on an epic journey every time.

Thru light & dark, intense & beautifully artistic, primal & awakened – pure art.

Written by Danita Michalsky – Mother

Meghann Michalsky
Biggest supporter: My mom <3. Wouldn’t be where I am today if she didn’t keep encouraging me
Meghann Michalsky
Sneak peek at the dressing room life behind the stage, we use coconut oil in our hair in my work
I enjoy celebrating the artistic wins with good art pals
Vegan diet to maintain energy for longer
I eat at least one meal a day in the car – as I am switching from job to job consistently
Meghann Michalsky
Chaos and focus in the studio – relearning my improvisation from video
Meghann Michalsky
Project InTandem 2021 team — it takes a village to put on a show and adore my collaborators

Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in Marda Loop.

What do you do?

I am a contemporary Dance Artist. I perform, choreograph, teach, and also, produce shows through the production platform Project InTandem.

Currently, my work focuses on a primal movement aesthetic, exploring the power of the female body through a state of nature (not tamed or domesticated). I have been developing this signature since 2018. I am interested in researching what it means to explore a primal body in an era that is as far away from self as we’ve ever been before. I create highly visceral works that combine intense musculature and athletic physicality with subtle internally driven flow-based movements. My practice involves investigating how bodily experiences are deeply embedded.

My choreographies are influenced by my research into the effects of imposing sociological structures (structural functionalism, interdependence & psychological manipulation) on myself, my choreography and the audience. I am interested in the effects of control, constraint, illusion, and perception of a society that is deemed to be free.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on three things that continue/commence again in January: I have been commissioned to create a dance film by the Italian company Jobel Art for Earth. I have been asked to make a duet commenting on renewable resources.

In January, I will be in residency in Regina at New Dance Horizons researching a new duet with Katherine Semchuk exploring partner work. I also dive into a commission with the University of Calgary dance majors, which I am excited to go back to my roots of where I graduated.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram and LinkedIn



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