“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Actor Meg Farhall

In the vibrant tapestry of the Calgary arts scene, Meg Farhall is a gem. She IS my sister so I may be a bit biased but then when one asks a sister to write a bio one best be prepared! Meg is a dynamic actor, voice actor, writer, and artistic producer. She was the youngest sister born into a family that loved to laugh and mimic anything and everything around them and she quickly discovered that being cute and funny was the easiest way to be asked to hang out with her teenage sisters and their friends. Her skills in comedy, you see, were honed from birth and to be in her company is to laugh out loud.

Meg’s artistic journey also included her love of words. From an early age, she demonstrated a natural flair for storytelling. She loved to write stories and though her handwriting was atrocious her stories kept her family and teachers entertained. She was very often dragged to her sister’s theatrical plays in high school and university which may have also influenced her path as she too ended up attending Mount Royal University and the University of Lethbridge where she obtained her BFA and B.Ed.

After her studies, Meg became a High School drama teacher for the Foothills School Division while keeping her acting hat on writing and performing with a Calgary comedy troupe and picking up all types of roles in theatre and TV. Eventually, she decided she truly needed to follow her passion and she began to pursue her career in the arts full-time. And lo these many years have passed, I think Meg has done almost every job there is to do in the theatre industry!

Beyond the spotlight, Meg is also a devoted advocate for various causes close to her heart. She stands tall in support of inclusivity and equality for all. Her commitment to fighting against violence against women stems from a deeply personal experience – the tragic loss of her childhood friend to intimate partner violence.

Perhaps the biggest influence in Meg’s life is her daughter. Currently, the two of them live happily together in central Calgary with their rescue cat, Big Tuna, and about 500 Squishmallows.

-Written by Jennie Shipley, sister

Meg Farhall
On Stage in Between Us, Photo by Tim Nguyen, Pictured Meg and Michael Rolfe, Design by Alison Yanota
Meg Farhall
Onstage in One Yellow Rabbit’s Ten-Minute Play Festival, Pictured Haysam Kadri and Meg
Behind the Scenes of Late Late Breakfast Show, Pictured Amos Altman and Meg
On the set of an indie this summer
Meg and Her Daughter. Photo by: @jaydenkcampbell
Meg Farhall
Behind the Scenes of Beautiful Man photoshoot, Pictured (LtoR) Katelyn Morishita, Meg and Linda Kee
Meg Farhall
Workshop at Handsome Alice, Pictured Playwright Geraldine Fuenmayor and Meg


Which neighbourhood are you in?

I live in beautiful Garrison Woods

What do you do?

I am an actor and Artistic Producer at Handsome Alice Theatre, most of my days are spent coordinating theatre productions and working on creative projects. Lots of switching gears, scheming about new art ideas and a sprinkle of Excel spreadsheets so all these artsy ideas don’t go floating into outer space.

What are you currently working on?

Beautiful Man by Erin Shields

Where can we find your work?

Come see us at Motel Theatre in Arts Commons Feb 29 – March 10, 2024


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