“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Visual Artist Lori Clipperton

Lori Clipperton began her art journey as a young child, with a keen and sensitive observation of the world around her, and a love of many kinds of arts and crafts including knitting, sewing, cake-decorating, and card-making. Other creative outlets included dance, music, and poetry. She formalized her art education as a mature student at the University of Calgary, receiving her BFA with Distinction in 2014, as well as high praise for her dedication and generosity in her learning. She emerged from that program as a talented mixed-media artist working from her home studio with acrylics and alcohol inks, among other media.

In 2016, she was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists and has exhibited at the Nickle Arts Museum at the U of C, the Calgary Stampede, and the Leighton Art Centre, to name a few. Awards include Second Prize and Honourable Mention for two stories in the Chinook College Adult Academic Services Writing Sweepstakes, as well as two Honourable Mention awards from the F.C.A. Lori’s interest in travel, story and memory informs much of her current work, in particular, her “Priairescape-Remnants”—abstract, patchwork rural scenes of iconic prairie landmarks.

-Written by Linda Hatfield, long-time friend

Lori Clipperton
Every day I use my cell phone for taking images and editing them. When I go on a scouting trip, I take my DSLR camera. My computer is used daily to upload images
Lori Clipperton
Here I am with an artist, she is showing her work during one of my classes in Medicine Hat
I experiment often! Here I was learning ways to use Golden OPEN acrylics. It is a slower process for me than working with regular acrylics
Lori at the Medalta’s Heritage Christmas Market, 11-2023
Most days I spend time getting fresh air by walking etc… or exercising indoors for at least an hour. This refreshes me from computer or studio work
Preparing for an Introduction to alcohol Ink workshop
Lori Clipperton
This image shows a bit of my collage process. with pieces of alcohol ink remnants. I am fitting pieces together like a puzzle to create a unique grain elevator
Lori Clipperton
Working in my studio is always a treat since my window faces a green space. The deer and birds keep me company along with the adventure of creating


Which ’hood are you in?

I was born and raised in Calgary, we raised our children in Calgary. Recently, my husband and I moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, to explore and experience small-city life. We kept a small condo in Calgary so we could continue visiting with family and friends, and participate in the Calgary and area Art scene.

What do you do?

I work primarily with acrylics, alcohol ink and mixed media. I like to work in layers, while I play with chaos and order. Since I am a tactile learner it is important for me to feel my way through a piece. I may have a general plan at the start of a collage but I am very open to changes, intuition and chance. I love variety, it is a must in my art practice! —- My themes have ranged from historical and mystical landscapes/ocean scapes to emotional and relational quips. Some titles of my previous work are: “Diverging”, “Harmony and Understanding”, “Feeling Stuck”, “Landscape Tapestry”, “Prairiescape-Remnants”, etc.… Abstract thought and life’s metaphors have my interest.

What are you currently working on?

I continue to work on my Prairiescape-Remnants series where I gather precious scraps of art materials to create patchwork prairie scenes. This series was inspired by connections with rural Alberta: my father’s recollections of living in a C.P.R. station, across the tracks from six grain elevators, my mom’s stitch work and thrifty ways, and my love of story. Sometimes memories of grain elevators are embellished with excitement or even diminished because of memory recall. With this series I am interested in the abstract; pushing the envelope from representation. — I am currently in transition in my art practice. I am trying to be open to new directions and connections with my work.

Where can we find your work?

I participate in art shows in Calgary and Medicine Hat, this information can be viewed on my website. The Federation of Canadian Artists website also has a small gallery of my work. In Medicine Hat, the Inspire Studio, Gallery & Café carries my art, prints and art cards. Art cards are also available at the Leighton Art Centre near Millarville, Alberta. PRINTS are also available through the Art Magik website.


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