“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Abstract Artist Gloria Gelo

Gloria Gelo is a contemporary abstract artist, designer, photographer, printmaker, and instructor. Fueled by her love of abstract art and collaborative creativity, she has successfully brought together a global community of professional artists to promote and celebrate contemporary abstract art. Strengthening the community through support and sharing, she dedicates significant time to online and in-person workshops. Gloria transitioned from a full-time corporate career to a dedicated artist and designer six years ago. Her artistic philosophy is the fundamental search for balance, a recurring theme in her work. Working in layers, she balances the tension between chaos and organization. She continuously explores ways to simplify her work, allowing it to breathe and resonate with a unique sense of composition and interest. The result is a modern aesthetic with a graphic edge. The joy of sharing the creative process in various forms enhances her creative experience. She hopes her art captivates and connects with people when they need it most. Her work is distinctive in the contemporary art scene, whether as an artist, designer, or instructor.

-Written by Jeff Zimmer, husband extraordinaire

Gloria Gelo
Gloria Gelo starts her mixed media pieces with layers of neutral collage paper, typography and bold graphics.
Gloria Gelo
Gloria Gelo works with neutrals, balancing her composition in the beginning layers.
Introducing colour adds depth and character to her work.
Gloria Gelo’s small silkscreen works on the drying rack at AB Printmakers.
Gloria Gelo’s limited edition digital series is ready for framing.
Gloria Gelo creates asemic writing in her studio as a meditative practice and uses these unique marks in her work.
Gloria Gelo
Experimenting with digital overlays and her photography.
Gloria Gelo
Gloria Gelo’s latest mixed media piece, “Yukari,” showcases her balance of colour and composition.


Which ‘hood are you in?

My home studio is in the southwest community of Discovery Ridge, surrounded by lush forests, the Elbow River and the expansive backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

What do you do?

I am a contemporary abstract artist and instructor working in mixed media. A lengthy corporate career followed art school, and now I am back to where my heart has always been. Surrounded by nature, I am forever exploring the space between shape and form, pushing the boundaries of design and composition.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve recently shifted to larger works. The exploration of sizing up has added a new dimension to my artistic process as I experiment with new elements, textures and hues. I’ve been experimenting with digital, overlaying my photographs to add dimension and depth to new work. I am also introducing several online self-paced courses that I hope will ignite and inspire creativity this year.

Where can we find your work?

I am currently exhibiting with Bay 1 Gallery in Edmonton. I have artwork at various local businesses, and you can always find my work at my studio, on my website and on Instagram.


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