Microsoft Plans to Release Mobile Gaming Store In Coming Years

Earlier this month, news broke that Microsoft is reportedly developing a mobile gaming store that would directly compete with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. While Microsoft entering this area draws valid concerns that the mobile gaming store market will become more saturated, reports suggest that Microsoft’s store will offer more flexibility and choice for not only players but game developers as well. That is key when operating in a saturated market: brands want to create additional products or services that help them stand out in the sea of similar offerings by competitors, such as Apple or Google.

Photo by Johnyvino on Unsplash

Microsoft To Create Mobile Gaming Store

Even though there is no set release date yet, we shouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft announce a mobile gaming store. The multinational technology company has made several recent moves into the gaming sphere, such as acquiring Activision Blizzard in October for almost $70 billion. Activision Blizzard is one of the top game companies in the world, making franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, which Xbox now has complete ownership of.

Microsoft is also leveraging its own products and technologies, such as its cloud gaming technology, to make its mobile gaming store stand out. Consumers today want access to high-quality entertainment without downloading additional programs or software, which is precisely what the company’s cloud gaming technology enables. Similarly, consumers are more mobile-focused today, using their devices for everything from grocery shopping and paying bills to watching Netflix and playing games. That includes casino games such as Megaways slots like Eye of Hours and Genie Jackpots, and classic video games that used to be only accessible through big consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. For these reasons, Microsoft is investing in a service with high consumer demand and want. It also means that the brand is adjusting its business model to meet current market trends, which is critical for companies who want to continue generating revenue for years to come.

Microsoft’s Advantage in a Competitive Industry

Despite promising to offer more flexibility and choice, there is concern that Microsoft’s mobile gaming store won’t be able to compete with Google and Apple. In 2022, the Apple store accounted for over 60% of the global revenue share in the mobile application market, making it one of Microsoft’s strongest competitors. Comparatively, the Google Play store dominated the number of downloads in 2022, achieving the highest share of the year. With that said, both Apple and Google have come under scrutiny as of late, with Epic Games even suing both brands for their app store policies. According to Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, Apple and Google’s app store policies are unfair and anticompetitive.

Microsoft has been making various moves into the gaming market over the years. Despite the mobile games market becoming relatively saturated and companies like Google and Apple continuing to dominate market share, Microsoft will have a unique selling point by ensuring that its store gives players and developers more flexibility and choice. Until we know the release date, all we can do is speculate, including about what the name of the store will be.