A Day in the Life: Calgary-based Mixed Media Artist Eleanor Birch

Eleanor Birch is a full-time artist who was brought up in a lovely, little countryside village outside of Cambridge, England in the United Kingdom where her artistic passions began.

Eleanor sees the beauty in the simple things in life and brings this to the canvas. Her work shows the power of positivity and hope breaking through the negative parts of life. She shows optimism by painting nature which emulates growth and pure beauty.

Her process brings together a mixture of inks, pens, acrylics and oils providing depth. Each step brings her joy, from the fluidity of the inks, the structure of the pen, the transformation from the acrylics and the depth and colour the oils bring.

Eleanor’s studio is open year-round where it overlooks a beautiful park which catches the light of the sunrise every morning. She is currently working on a new and beautiful portfolio which emulates hope and growth through nature.

Eleanor has a passion for travel and has been lucky enough to travel the world with her husband where she collected inspiration and continues to do so.

Eleanor not only continues to travel for inspiration, but she plans to continue to create pure, authentic art to bring you joy and happiness.

-Written by her husband

Eleanor Birch
Playful Eleanor in the studio!
Eleanor Birch
Don’t Be Blue, Blossom
Eleanor using mixed media and a wide brush to create depth
Honeycomb Haven
Making flowers come to life on a large canvas at home
Independent Beauty
Eleanor Birch
Peeking into Eleanor’s home studio
Eleanor Birch
All smiles!


Which ‘hood are you in?

I currently live and have my lovely art studio in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bowness. I really connect with nature and get a lot of my inspiration from being outside so being by Bowness Park is amazing,

What do you do?

After many, many years of feeling lost in my career and trying to find something I was truly passionate about, I decided to pursue my artist journey full-time. I am now a professional artist full time!! I really believe you have to follow your dreams and be in a job you love!

What are you currently working on?

I currently feel like I am so full of inspiration that I could start so many projects! As I said above I love nature and I focus mainly on florals but a major project I am working on is called “Blossom”. Blossom is a collection that represents blossoming out of your shell and shedding the dark thoughts and pressures that are placed on us. Like a stone wall, flowers and nature still push through and past the hard exterior. Nothing can stop you!

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work at Fort Calgary along with 150 other artists until November and you will be able to find my work at the Dominion Gallery Calgary from September 6th for 3 months.

There is also a store called As Above Shop where my work is available for sale.

You can also find all my work on my website and Instagram.


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