What to do in Calgary this February, 2024

It’s February now and things are starting to liven up again. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and Family Day coming up this is a perfect time to share some fun times with the ones you love. Luckily, we have a long list of fun times to be had this month. Whether it is taking out a good group of friends, a family outing to entertain the kids, or a date night out with your sweetheart, these events are just what you are looking for. What are these happenings, you may be asking? Here is what’s going on:

The Beach Boys of Summer

When: January 20- March 23
Where: Jubilations Dinner Theatre

Feel the need for a bright and sunny beach? Well, here is the next best thing. Bringing the sounds of summer to a small part of our city and it includes dinner. This show is a celebration of the ageless icons known as the Beach Boys. To Listen to their beautiful harmonies while enjoying a fabulous meal with some good company is a real treat. Your meal is a multi-course sit down dinner with your choice of appetizer, a dinner entrée, and a dessert. With several options for every dietary need, you can have an unforgettable night of being transported to the surf and sun.


The Heist

When: January 27 – February 25
Where: Vertigo Theatre

Nothing warms you up faster than a criminal caper set on the big stage of the Vertigo Theatre. Forget the gym! A mystery is a good way to keep your brain boosted and your heart pumping. A live whodunit where you have to be one step ahead of both the cops and criminals is a good start to any month. In this case, it is a little different. “The Heist” follows a band of thieves looking to strike it rich but sadly it all goes wrong. It is filled with quirky characters who have to be prepared to face guns, diamonds, and lasers which makes Ocean’s 11 look like child’s play. Can they make it? Only one way to find out.


YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

When: February 1- 29th
Where: Various Locations

What to do in Calgary this February, 2024

Are you suffering from the chills of winter? Or are you just in need of a chocolate fix? For a whole month, these ailments will not be a problem because the Calgary Meals on Wheels is throwing this oh-so-sweet event. They are not only looking to bring local businesses together but help those in need have a nutritious meal. This year will mark the 13th time the charity has done this. Local cafes, restaurants, and chocolate-creators are crafting special hot chocolates that the public has to vote on via online or the Meals-on-Wheels app which one is the best. That’s right! It is up to you to choose but no matter what your choice is, $1-$3 that you spend on that cocoa goes straight to the charity. Now isn’t that sweet?


Chinook Blast

When: February 2 -19
Where: Various Downtown Locations

Are you ready for some magic? It’s time to heat things up with Calgary’s first-rate winter celebration. A cultural collaboration from local businesses, arts, theatre, and so much more is to be explored for anyone who loves to try something new. You can be swept away by music, cheer on your favourite sports team, or even do a little shopping at one of the market stalls. Whatever your pleasure, you can always find a new experience to drop into and remember forever. The best part is that it is all downtown and easy to find. The only question you have to ask yourself is; which event do you see first?


Mirror Mirror

When: February 2 – March 17
Where: CF Chinook Centre

What to do in Calgary this February, 2024

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall; Where might one find the greatest adventure of them all?” The answer to this is not actually found in a looking glass but thanks to the good people of Memory Factory, all you have to do is go to Chinook Mall. For a whole month and then some you can be immersed in a vibrant, colourful experience where light and sound are at your fingertips. You can create your own daring escapade with the help of your own imagination and nine art installations. A whole new way to take a 45-minute-long break from reality and you don’t need a remote control to do it. This is good for all ages and abilities, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.


Snow Rodeo

When: February 8 – 11
Where: Winsport, Canada Olympic Park

It’s here snow buddies! Dust off your cowboy hats because there is a whole new rodeo in town and it is packed with ice and snow. Shred the North is giving us their fourth annual snowboarding event where we can watch the world’s top boarding stars take on our death-defying slopes and give us some acrobatic thrills that can only be seen at Canada Olympic Park. An action-packed weekend festival where these riders will fly high into the air, win cash prizes, and perhaps even make it into the next Winter Olympic games. Now that sounds like a show that even those who are shy of the snow would not want to miss. Just bring some hot chocolate with you!


Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture

When: February 9 & 10
Where: Telus Convention Centre

If you are looking for a true cultural experience then why not check out this celebration of community and diversity? For two days you can immerse yourself in the stories, arts, and lives of our Afro-Canadian and Caribbean-descended friends. Lots of people like to go to these beautiful places for a vacation but life is so much richer when you can get to know someone on a cultural level. If you are thinking of visiting Africa or the Caribbean, this would be a good way to learn a little more about these wonderful countries. Talk to the people, try some food, learn a new skill. This festival has a lot to offer.


Chapter Two

When: February 9- April 14
Where: Stage West Dinner Theatre

Another dinner and a show are calling out for your attention. This time it is from Neil Simon who is giving us a look at what it is like to date late in life. This play is about a grieving widower named George who is encouraged by his brother to start dating again. But as you can guess, it’s not that easy for poor George especially when he gets nothing but bad dates. On the brink of feeling hopeless George meets Jennie, who is going through her own trauma. Can these two help each other heal their wounds and find love again? Get your ticket, a plate of their delicious buffet dishes, and grab a seat to find out.


In the Heat of the Night

When: February 11 & 14
Where: Calgary Zoo/Wilder Institute

Valentine’s Day is getting a little spicier in one of the city’s most adventuresome places. This event is promising a “zoo-nique” experience meant for you and your sweetie. This is an adults-only evening(s) taking place at the ENMAX Conservatory with a cash bar available to help set the mood. There is also a romantic four-course meal made by an award-winning culinary team guaranteed to lull you into love. After dinner, you will be treated to a show in their theatre about how animals show their “naughty and nice” sides in the wild. So, if you want to get a little wild this will turn up the heat.


Block Heater Festival

When: February 15-17
Where: Various Locations

What to do in Calgary this February, 2024

Music is good for the soul even in the heart of winter. Set to be inside and outside for two days, this winter music festival is set to melt away all of our woes and dance the snow from off of our toes. The venues are set to be downtown or just over the bridge which is easy access for all who wish to defrost their dancing shoes. There will be 12 events in seven venues where 27 artists from around the world will be there to provide a musical nirvana in a family-friendly cosy atmosphere. Let’s fire up those speakers and let our voices ring out.



Now that we have made our way safely into the new year that means we got some new activities to look forward to. February is the month when we are usually settled into the new year and making some plans. Don’t forget to stop and have a little fun on the way. After all, fun helps you with the fundamentals of life. Keep smiling Calgary!


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