“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Visual Artist Rachelle Kearl

Rachelle Kearl can often be found at her easel in her home in Springbank near Calgary trying out new ideas, techniques or styles, finding peace in the process. Her landscapes, florals and abstract works exhibit a range of interest in visual art forms and devotion to expanding her interpretive skills. Just as often she can be found sharing her talents, perhaps in face painting at a children’s activity or painting a mural, such as at the preschool where she is a certified preschool teacher. Rachelle’s interest in developing her talents has also led her to coach children in expressing their own artistic talents, including those of her four children, now grown.

Whether it be pencil on paper, acrylic or oil on canvas or wood, or even latex on a wall, Rachelle Kearl has a desire to share her art with others. She finds inspiration in the Canadian outdoors and from her life experiences. Rachelle participates in community art shows and enjoys associating with other local artists.

Written by father, Reed Piepgrass

Rachelle Kearl
My husband and I visited Mount Rainer in Washington this past summer. So much beauty: fern covered forest floors, and many large trees!
Rachelle Kearl
My daughter took this photo with specific instructions not to zoom out! Maybe one day I’ll clean up the mess in my very basic basement studio! …..but that is the fun part about being creative, making a mess!
Tree cookie crafts mean summer to me. I like taking small projects to work on when we are at our little cabin.
Not gonna lie. It’s difficult getting my family together for photos! So this is the best one I have. Here we are about to watch the grandstand show this past stampede. These are my children and some with their significant others 🙂
Rachelle Kearl
I do like sporting events, but more so spending time with my husband! We are cheering on team Rainer while visiting Washington this past summer.
I teach at my local Playschool In Springbank! I love being with children, they teach me something every day. I even think about them when I paint; seeing them create reminds me of my own need to shed any inhibition, and to nurture my childlike creativity.
These wildflowers were picked on our property, (about a 50 km east of Waterton). I am always in awe of the prairies and mountains, and what little treasures grow there.
Rachelle Kearl

My husband and I took an off-roading trip to Yellowstone, Moab and Colorado this past summer. There were long stretches of highway, I’m so glad I brought my mobile art kit to keep me sane!

What ‘hood are you in?

I live in North Springbank, I moved to Calgary when I was 2, it is home, I love it here!

What do you do?

I am a visual artist who loves discovering new styles and techniques. I paint on: canvas, walls, faces, furniture; from small to large surfaces! I also love to make pieces and sell them, I’d like to think I sell my pieces at an affordable price, and I try and keep in mind there are many people who love original art. Part of the joy of creating is turn over in my product, it gives me an excuse to keep at it!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on canvases large and small for upcoming shows and to sell online. I will continue with my theme of wildflowers; abstracts as well as representational.

Where can we find your work?

I’m excited to be selling a few of my pieces with the MARKETSPOT pop up shop in a new location: market mall starting October 1 until January 30th. Look for us, there will be a wide range of products all locally made!

You can find my latest works on Instagram, Facebook and on my website.

– At the Springbank Christmas art market on Saturday, November 2nd (9-4), and 3rd (10-3)

– Group showings with “Fostermak” current show in S.W Calgary 1015 Sydenham rd. (Showhome)

– Also, I’m looking into non-profit agencies to teach workshops and collaborate some larger scaled projects. I enjoy passing down the creative process, especially to those who could use art as a form of therapy. Stay tuned!