Charitable Choices: The Dream Centre with Jim Moore

The Calgary Dream Centre has been serving people struggling with addiction and homelessness for over 13 years. They are committed to maintaining a high level of programming and supportive care for those caught in the cycle of addiction and homelessness. We got a chance to speak with Jim Moore the CEO/Executive Director of Dream Centre to learn more about their organization.

Dream Centre

Describe your charity/non-profit in a few sentences.

The Dream Centre is a place for addiction recovery and transitional housing. We believe in life change through a holistic approach, and we believe in restoring dignity, destiny, and dreams to our residents.

What problem does it aim to solve?

We are an addictions recovery non-profit that works with those caught in cycles of homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

When did you start/join it?

The doors opened at 4510 Macleod Trail in October of 2003.

Dream Centre

What made you want to get involved?

We believe in life change and that people’s lives can be restored so they can reintegrate back into society and live a successful life!

What was the situation like when you started?

Many Calgarians needed a place to recover and heal from addiction a place that they could call home.

How has it changed since?

Over the past 18 years, over 8500 people have been able to come to our facility and call it home while they heal. We are able to house 371 Calgarians at a time who are on the path to not only sobriety but a whole new life!

What more needs to be done?

Lots! We will continue to pursue this work until homelessness and addiction no longer exist. We will open our doors to all those who need our help!

How can our readers help?

We would love to host them on a tour or have them come in and volunteer! We also accept donations and resources, which you can find more about online at!

Do you have any events coming up?

Yes! We’d love to have you join us at our annual golf tournament Golf Fore! Recovery. Find all the details on our website at

Where can we follow you?

Find us on social media @yycdreamcentre or online at

PAY IT FORWARD: What is an awesome local charity that you love?

We love Soap 4 Hope!