Old Photographs of the Calgary Tower (Gallery)

Built to celebrate Canada’s Centennial and opened a year later in 1968, originally called the Husky Tower, and still called that by air traffic controllers and perhaps stubborn relatives who refuse to keep up with the name changes of public buildings, the observation structure was renamed the Calgary Tower in 1971 in honour of the city.

Husky Tower Calgary
1967-Husky Tower Calgary under construction.

The building stands shoulder to shoulder with other global landmarks like Seattle’s Space Needle, and is a member and founder of the World Federation of Great Towers. Like the other giant tower in Canada that might be a little bit more well known (sorry eh to Calgarians), the CN Tower, the Calgary Tower features at its top a revolving restaurant.

It might not be the first giant tower people name in Canada, the under the radar Calgary Tower is no slouch. It offers fantastic panoramic views, and its creation included a unique and never before accomplished continual 24 consecutive day pour of concrete to build the tower’s column.

November 1971-City skyline from the Husky Tower.

Another lovely feather in the tower’s cap is its lovely carillon, presented as a gift by the Dutch community, an instrument that plays the sound of bronze church bells.

The Glenbow Museum Archives is a wormhole of vintage pictures of the tower’s construction, and its ever-present footprint in Calgary’s landscape.

For more information on the Heart of the #YYC, its viewing hours, and lightning schedule, and significance of the different lights visit their website.

1967-Husky Tower under construction, Calgary, Alberta
April 3-1967-Husky Tower under construction
Calgary Tower
March 21-1967 Husky Tower under construction
March 27, 1967-Husky Tower under construction.
May 11, 1967-Husky Tower under construction
May 11, 1967-Husky Tower under construction
May 1967-Construction of the Husky Tower
Calgary Tower
1968-Circuit photo of downtown Calgary.
March 2, 1968-George EJacques family residence Calgary, Alberta.
August 1968-Engineers survey the Husky Tower.
Calgary Tower
1968-Interior view of Husky Tower Calgary.
February 1969-Outdoor skating rink Calgary.
April 1970-Demolition of MAC Theatre Calgary, Alberta.
July 1970-First Nations of Alberta tipis with Husky Tower later renamed Calgary Tower
Calgary Tower
May-June 1970-The success symbol of the Husky Tower later renamed Calgary Tower flanked by towers on Palliser Square.
Calgary Tower
May, 1970-Family of Man sculpture Calgary.
Calgary Tower
September 1981-Calgary Transit Light Rail Transit LRT train and station in downtown Calgary.
Calgary Tower
July 11-1984-Aerial view of Calgary Tower and surrounding area.




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