“Five Minutes With” local musician Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne is a multiple award winning artist, musician and studio session musician. His long history in the music business has seen him perform around the globe with many acts in all genre’s of music. From his beginnings in the fiddle supergroup, Barrage, to his time as an established professional, recording and playing for acts like Jann Arden, Gord Bamford, George Canyon, Tom Jackson, Monday Night Football, GhostBoy and MANY others, Denis and his vocal/instrumental abilities have helped propel the careers of several of Canada’s most loved artists.

Denis Dufresne

Name: Denis Dufresne

Genre: Country/Folk/Rock/World

Founded: 1997

# of Albums: 7 as an Artist (Barrage, Denis Dufresne, PEAR, GhostBoy), 674 as a session musician

Latest Release: Mark Parsons (session artist and video director), VINYL (GhostBoy)

Latest Single: VINYL

Latest Video:

Favourite Local Restaurant?

Hayden Block (MEAT), Rodney’s (FISH)

Favourite band as a teenager?

Skid Row

Favourite band now?

Chris Thile ‘Live From Here’ House Band…google THAT sweet Rabbit Hole!

Guilty Pleasure Song?

Hayloft- Mother Mother

Live Show Ritual?

The classic PPD

Favourite local artist?

Mocking Shadows/Shaye Zadravec

Nose Hill or Fish Creek?

Fish Creek

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

Early Bird at home…Night Owl on the road

Road or studio?

Lengthy stints in both….love em both.

Where can we follow you?

The Internet…try the Googles www.ghostboymusic.com.

Any shows or albums coming up?

Probably a few hundred cancelled shows coming up due to the never ending Groundhog Day known as Phase 1. Follow my studio/venue “The Attic” online for livestreams featuring some of Alberta’s great acts in ALL genre’s. Albums: yes (Shaye Zadravec, Lauren Mann, Jann Arden, Gord Bamford, Mark Parsons and others)