Is the Alberta Government Committed to Growing Tech?

Albert is gradually becoming a globally recognised powerhouse when it comes to the technology and innovation sector, thanks to the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy, which has attracted investment, new talent, and business from Canada and beyond.

Let’s dive straight in and take a closer look at some of the key goals Alberta has set to become one of the world’s true leaders in the field of technology. We will also reveal several key sectors in Alberta that are currently doing well, including information about several flourishing land-based casinos in Calgary.

What are Alberta’s strategy and key goals?

In an effort to create jobs and diversify the economy, the Alberta Government is committed to growing the technology sector and increasing productivity to establish Alberta as a technology leader.

The long-term plan will hopefully strengthen the economic future for everyone living in the province and make it more financially sustainable. The five key areas to advance the tech sector are the following:

  • Create a least 20,000 new jobs for Albertans by the year 2030 and build a strong workforce
  • Generate up to as much as $5 billion in annual revenue by the year 2030
  • Increase access to public investments and private capital
  • Make major advances in research and innovation in a number of other areas
  • Improve Alberta’s reputation as a tech leader

Growing Alberta’s technology sector will all be achievable with specifically targeted initiatives. The aim is to create a much brighter future for Alberta and generate a thriving economy.

How are land-based casinos doing in Alberta?

The land-based casino industry in Alberta has also shown steady growth over the past 12 months. All 20+ casinos have taken a while to recover from an economic downturn, with things finally getting back to normal.

The province of Alberta has six First Nations casinos and 15 non-reservation casinos; all are using the latest and most advanced technology to bring players the best games.

If you’re thinking of visiting a First Nations Casino, they include the following:

  • River Cree Resort and Casino
  • Eagle River Casino & Travel Plaza
  • Bear Hills Casino and Travel Resort
  • Stoney Nakoda Casino
  • Casino Dene

Some of the other successful casinos in Alberta are the Pure Casino Edmonton, the Pure Casino Yellowhead, the Grand Villa Casino, the Jackpot Casino, the Cowboys Casino, the Elbow River Casino, and the Deerfoot Inn & Casino.

Others include the Camrose Resort Casino, the Pure Casino Lethbridge, the Ace Casino Blackfoot, and the Century Casino Calgary, to name a few.

What does the future hold for Alberta?

Albertans have plenty to be optimistic about. People are becoming more tech-savvy than ever and digitally connected than ever. The technology sector is a huge part of everyone’s future and essential for the prosperity of the province.

So far, things are looking positive in Alberta for the tech sector and in several other major industries, including tourism, agriculture, petrochemicals, financial services, aviation and logistics, and energy and clean technology.

It’s exciting times for Albertans, and we should gradually start to see positive changes within no more than five years from now, as long as Alberta stays committed to growing the tech sector.