The Increasing Popularity of Sweepstake Casinos in Canada

Sweepstake casinos are becoming popular in many countries, including Canada. They are changing the way people gamble online and making a lot of headlines around the world.

The emergence of sweepstake casinos online is giving some cause for concern for traditional online casinos, with real money online casinos in Canada being no exception. Continue below as we take a closer look at why sweepstake casinos are growing in popularity in Canada.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

What are Sweepstake Casinos?

Sweepstake casinos differ from traditional online casinos because they do not use real money to play games.

Sweepstake casinos use a virtual currency to play games and there are two types of virtual currency available at sweepstake casinos. Gold coins are the most common virtual currency used to play games at sweepstake casinos and these are awarded to players for free when signing up for a new account. Gold coins have no real world value and there are no real prizes to be won when using gold coins to play games at sweepstake casinos. However, gold coins can be purchased and then used to play games.

The second type of virtual currency at sweepstake casinos are sweeps coins. It is not possible to purchase sweeps coins and they are awarded as a bonus when registering a new account or buying gold coins. Sweeps coins differ to gold coins because it is possible to redeem sweeps coins for real world prizes, including cash.

Availability of Sweepstake Casinos in Canada

One of the major reasons why sweepstake casinos are becoming popular in Canada is because they do not fall under the same regulations as real money online casinos.

Due to the fact the casino games are played using virtual currency rather than real money, they do not have to obtain a license to operate in the country. That immediately gives sweepstake casinos the advantage over real money online casinos because they are free to offer their services, without many restrictions, across Canada.

Based purely on the fact sweepstake casinos are available to more people than real money online casinos, they are becoming increasingly popular. There are millions of people across Canada who have been using offshore online casinos for many years because real money online casinos are banned but they now have a good alternative thanks to sweepstake casinos. Using offshore casinos is risky because you must make deposits and use real money to play the games and if something should go wrong, such as an account being hacked, it could lead to some serious problems.

In contrast, no real money deposits are required when playing at sweepstake casinos and it is possible to win real cash prizes using sweeps coins.

Great Games

Sweepstake casinos develop many of their own games and they are fantastic. You will find hundreds of top games to play at the leading sweepstake casinos, many of which can be found here on the gamble Canada site. The slot games, which is by the far biggest category of games at sweepstake casinos in Canada, feature stunning graphics, sounds, and gameplay.

You will not be able to tell the difference between playing slots at a real money online casino and a sweepstake casino. Furthermore, many of the slot games at sweepstake casinos are exclusive, meaning you will not find them available anywhere else. Sweepstake casinos are becoming popular in Canada because they also offer table games and live dealer games. Card games and live casino games are only just beginning to emerge at sweepstake casinos and that is why it is an exciting time to become involved in Canada.

Social Interaction

Socializing with other players is actively encouraged at sweepstake casinos. There are features at sweepstake casinos that allow players to communicate with friends, give each other presents, and enter competitions together.

The casino gaming experience at sweepstake casinos feels more engaging than the experience at real money online casinos. For beginners to online gambling, sweepstake casinos are a good option because they feel friendlier than real money online casinos and help is always at hand.

The increasing popularity of sweepstake casinos in Canada is mostly thanks to the availability of the casinos across the country, the entertaining games, and the social aspect of the casinos. It will be interesting to follow the continued growth of the casinos throughout Canada in the future.