Calgary Guardian Spring 2024 Spotify Playlist

The spirit of Calgary’s music scene has unfolded in enchanting harmony over the course of Spring 2024. Every Friday, our “Five Minutes With” series has taken you on a delightful journey, offering a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the city’s most passionate musicians. Through thought-provoking questionnaires and captivating music samples, you’ve been introduced to the phenomenal talent that thrives within Calgary’s vibrant city limits. This year’s change of tune involves curating a seasonal Spotify playlist, brimming with tracks from our featured artists, providing a melodic anthology of Spring’s finest performances.

Calgary Guardian Spring 2024 Spotify Playlist

As each artist took the spotlight, they not only shared their sounds with us, but also their stories, echoing through the fabric of Calgary’s cultural tapestry. With one song from each act, our Spotify playlist bears the soul of the season and is our musical gift to you, ready to be unwrapped on our website and Spotify page. Your support in following these artists and sharing their music will reverberate through the echoes of their melodies.

Our Spring 2024 collection spotlights 13 outstanding performers, each contributing a unique sound that exemplifies Calgary’s eclectic and exciting musical scene. Discover and celebrate the artists who brought the rhythms of spring to life:


Spring 2023 Musicians Featured

Lucky Sonne – Immerse yourself in their soul-stirring folk-rock creations. – (Read Article)
Jacquie Drew – Sway to the comforting blend of country and Americana vibes. – (Read Article)
Mike Clark – Feel the groove of his blues-infused rock and roll. – (Read Article)
Kris Demeanor – Engage with the thought-provoking lyrics and distinct indie sound. – (Read Article)
Maclayne – Experience the synth-driven, futuristic soundscape that defines their music. – (Read Article)
The Dust Collectors – Get lost in their rich, textured alt-country harmonies. – (Read Article)
Jevne – Embrace the smooth jazz and soulful pop tunes that he masterfully delivers. – (Read Article)
Jess Moskaluke – Dive into the heart of Canadian country with her chart-topping hits. – (Read Article)
Loryn Taggart – Discover her captivating, story-driven singer-songwriting skills. – (Read Article)
Jack Trades – Enjoy his blend of electronic dance music infused with deep, resonant lyrics. – (Read Article)
Lorie Querubin – Be inspired by the enchanting melodies and lyrical depth of her music. – (Read Article)
Ollee Owens – Find solace in her powerful vocal performances and emotive compositions. – (Read Article)
Spencer Jo – Relax to the indie-folk tunes that showcase his raw, natural talent. – (Read Article)

These artists have painted the canvas of Calgary’s spring with a symphony of notes and narratives. Each selection on our Spring 2024 playlist reflects the heartbeat of the city – diverse, energetic, and full of life. The changing of seasons ushers in new sounds and stories just waiting to be heard.

So plug in, press play, and let the music of Calgary’s Spring 2024 illuminate your world with its vibrant sounds. Support local talent, amplify their voices, and keep the rhythm of the city pulsing throughout the year. Stay tuned for what summer has in store, and until then, let the melodies of spring echo endlessly in your ears.



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