“A Day in the Life” with Actor, Producer and Director, Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence is an actor, producer and director best known for his work on the Fubar films. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Dave struggled in school due to dyslexia. He found an outlet at the Loose Moose, a community theatre with a reputation around the world for discoveries in improvisation thanks to its founder, Keith Johnstone, inventor of Theatresports. It was at Theatresports that Dave first debuted “Terry Cahill”, his headbanging alter ego.

After high school, Dave began to pursue performing arts as a career. Frustrated with the lack of acting roles available, he travelled to Australia and Japan and earned money as a busker and puppeteer. When he returned to Calgary, he assembled a group of friends and family members to produce his own film which would become the cult hit Fubar, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002.

The film spawned a sequel, a television series, a book and a mobile game. Terry appeared in the Trailer Park Boys series, “Jail,” and is currently starring in and directing a new spin-off series on SwearNet, called TNT FUBAR.

Dave is always looking for new ways to adapt improvisation to screen and is successful due to his determination and ability to think outside the box. His creative endeavours are fueled by the basic tenet of improvisation: “Don’t be afraid to fail.”

-Written by Immanuela Lawrence, wife

Dave Lawrence
My mentor Keith Johnstone at his home in Calgary. Keith is the pioneer of improvisational theatre and always up for a visit
Dave Lawrence
Terry’s divorce cake topper on the set of TNT FUBAR
Directing my son Cory and his friend Oscar to play rockers in our basement for Monster Truck’s recent music video for BMG, “Get My Things and Go”
Bret Hart, Mayor Gyonti and “Terry” at the Victoria Pavillion judging Halloween costumes. The Harts are back at it where Stampede Wrestling began with Dungeon Wrestling
At Pinbar on 17th Ave, Trish (Terra Hazelton) and I dressed as Iron Maiden band mascots. Pinbar is a modern licensed pinball arcade where I often host special events
A typical night at the Loose Moose Theatre where it all began. Spontaneous mayhem since 1977
Dave Lawrence
A publicity still of the cast of TNT FUBAR on set with costars Terra Hazelton (Trish) and North Darling (Shank)
Dave Lawrence
A portrait taken by my friend, and local indigenous photographer, Ramsey Kunkel for his Alberta Portrait series


What ‘hood are you in?

Ogden. Well, Lynnwood actually. We call it ‘Upper Ogden.’

What do you do?

I’m an improv actor, director, writer and producer for film, television and stage.

What are you currently working on?

We are finalizing our new comedy series TNT FUBAR on SwearNet and rehearsing a remount of our live show, “A Very Terry Christmas” at the Loose Moose Theatre.

Where can we find your work?

TNT FUBAR streams every Wednesday on Swearnet.com, Fubar I & II are on Netflix Canada.



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