“A Day in the Life” with Calgary-based Visual Artist Samantha Charette

Authentic to her roots, Samantha Charette has never compromised a detail of herself when creating diverse bodies of work. Samantha was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, where her home and the community that raised her are intertwined in the painful yet beautiful pieces that have captured the eyes and hearts of many.

Samantha attended the University of Alberta for her Bachelor of Fine Arts, then later the University of Calgary for her Masters of Fine Arts. Samantha has always used her art as a platform to tell the stories of many. Her recent research uses the lens of intersectional feminist theory to explore topics such as gender oppression and labour under capitalism. Her commitment to speaking out about injustices has been demonstrated in her research and bodies of work.

Samantha prides herself on her ability to lean into the discomfort. This is showcased in both continual learning and unlearning. Samantha can be found in a quiet spot, occupied by the marvels of nature. A quality that sets her apart from most, Samantha finds peace in the company of her own thoughts. An integral woman who will stand for what she believes in, even if she stands alone.

Some are made great, and others are born great. And while not many are both, Samantha has proved her ability to express herself and was born to create and tell stories through her art.

-Written by Noel Charette

Samantha Charette
Myself photographed in front of my work installed in a group exhibition with The Fem Assembly last summer in Calgary. Photo by: Colveen Estrale. 2023.
Samantha Charette
Myself photographed in front of a series of linocut prints installed in a group exhibition with The Fem Assembly. Photo by: Colveen Estrale. 2023.
I just installed a series of paintings created between 2021-2023 in the Underground Gallery at John Fluevog, downtown Calgary. This is an installation image of that exhibition that will be up until the end of January 2024. 2023.
This is another installation image of that same exhibition at the Underground Gallery a John Fluevog. 2023.
Here is a photo from printing the second layer of a reduction linocut for the linocut class I was teaching at AUArts last winter term. 2023.
This is another photo from printing the first layer of a reduction linocut for the linocut class I am teaching at AUArts this fall term. 2023.
Samantha Charette
Here I am posed in front of two of my paintings installed in a community pop-up programming space called ‘in a greenhouse’ over the summer. 2023.
Going out for coffee with an old classmate in downtown Calgary and running into a public art project I worked on with the Alberta Printmakers Society in 2016. 2023.


Which hood are you in?

I’m currently living in the NW Calgary suburb of Tuscany.

What do you do?

I’m a visual art instructor at the University of Calgary and the Alberta University of the Arts. I also work in post-secondary administration at the University of Calgary. You can also find me teaching visual art workshops and tutorials at the Alberta Printmakers Society.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a new series of linocut prints. I have recently focusing my artistic practice on painting for the last few years, but I really miss printmaking. So right now, and for all of 2024, I’ll be working on creating a new series of prints, most likely linocuts, drypoints and etchings.

Where can we find your work?

I currently have an exhibition of paintings up at The Underground Gallery at John Fluevog on Stephen Ave. That exhibition will be up until the end of January, so if you find yourself in the beltline in the next few months – please check it out! I also have some paintings up at Arts Commons in their +15 Window Galleries with The Fem Assembly. You can find my work on my website and also follow me on Instagram.