A Quick Guide To Online Gambling In Canada

Today, over 200 licensed casinos operate in Canada, with over 70,000 slot machines and 2,000+ table games. With that in mind, you can confirm that Canada is a gambling destination. Moreover, there are hundreds of online casino sites available in the region, as well as international online gambling sites that support the Canadian region.

Undoubtedly, the boom of the gambling sector has indeed affected several parts of the world positively, and Canada is not an exception. Like every other country, there are some essential things to know about gambling in Canada, and we will cover them in this quick guide.

History Of Gambling In Canada

The history of gambling in Canada dates far back to the 1400s. This era was when betting was done with sticks, before the advent of cards in the early 1500s. Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the oldest gambling destinations, so gambling has always existed in the region. However, government regulations of the sector only started in the late 1800s. Just a few years after the official publication of the internet, the first online casino in Canada came into existence in 1994.

Of course, most people did not understand the concepts of gambling at the time, so it was considered a difficult task. Moreover, people didn’t find the need for online casinos, as there were already brick-and-mortar casinos everywhere. Fast-forward to today, online casinos are already ruling the gambling industry, and you can now play games conveniently.

Gambling In Canada (Is Gambling Legal In Canada?)

The query “Is online gambling legal in Canada?” is one of the most popular queries that hit the search engines about Canadian gambling. There are some gambling laws in Canada, but sports betting and gambling in Canada are legal. Following the overall success of online gambling, more players troop into the sector, as there are numerous games to play and amazing bonuses to utilize. 

Currently, there are over 400 casino bonus offers for gamblers in Canada, and more offers keep emerging. Though these bonuses feature terms and conditions, they are all profitable, as they all pass through the standard screening process of the gambling authorities.

Online casinos receive licenses from the regulatory body and operate with permission from the government. Also, the gambling laws in Canada make it difficult for illegal casinos to operate freely and provide shady deals for gamblers.

Why Online Gambling Is Great In Canada


Of course, nothing beats the feeling of playing your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home. Land-based casinos are not available in all regions of Canada. Thus, online casinos are always the best option, as they are readily available for all gamblers, regardless of their current location.

Undoubtedly, bonuses are one of the major reasons why some gamblers prefer online casinos. With the lucrative welcome bonus offers, free spins, deposit bonuses, and other offers available, players never run out of rewards. Thus, there is a higher potential to make profits on online gambling sites.

Variety Of Games

Land-based casinos offer a wide range of games, but online casinos offer way more. As a result, players have wider selection possibilities, as new games emerge almost every week. Whether you are a fan of poker, roulette, blackjack, or slots, there is always a wider variety of games available in each category.

How to Start Online Gambling In Canada

Like every other region, betting online in Canada is quite easy. This section of this article will take you through a quick overview of how to start online gambling in Canada.

To begin online gambling in Canada, you have to:

  • Do adequate research about the best online casinos with zero restrictions in your region.
  • Create an account in your preferred online casino.
  • Select a preferred funding method for deposits.
  • Utilize bonus offers.
  • Play with real money and have fun.


Following the proper regulation of gambling in the country, over 75% of Canadian residents participate in one form of gambling or the other.

As said, there are lots of online casinos available in Canada, as well as native Gambling centers. Thus, players have unrestricted access to a wide variety of options. 

Canada is an excellent gambling destination, from bonuses to games, payment options, and more. To start gambling online in this country, you can follow the steps mentioned above and also remember to do proper research before opting for a particular casino.