5 Ways To Save The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Tornados have just caused extreme devastation down south, which isn’t supposed to happen in December. Natural disasters seem to be getting worse. Is it too late to prevent climate change from destroying the world?

It’s not too late, but we all need to step up our game. You can start saving the environment from the comfort of your own home. Let’s look at a few things you can do differently in the coming years.

1. Reward The Right Companies

Tesla is changing the world because we’re all starting to drive electric cars. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors offers DraftLock technology that reduces energy bills. Companies are even growing meat inside labs to bypass animal farming.

Reward companies that help out the environment when you buy new products. It’s the only way they’ll become profitable enough to stay in business. Pay attention to all the new products being invented because it’s pretty impressive.

2. Walk Around Plugging Holes

Roughly 55% of your energy bills go towards heating and cooling. One of the reasons why it costs so much is because warm air finds ways outside. Doing simple things like installing Canadian Choice Windows & Doors will help.

Just don’t forget about sneaky areas like cracks in outlets, holes around external pipes, and gaps in your wall insulation. If you want to increase energy efficiency properly, you need to plug all the holes throughout your home.

3. Fix Any Plumbing Problems

In the past, people knew how to fix things. Someone in a household would usually be able to repair a leaky faucet. We don’t speak to our neighbours these days, so you can’t ask the person living next door for help.

It’s strange because we have Youtube videos on our phones, which means you have the ability to fix anything. Leaks hurt the environment by wasting precious water, so repair them yourself instead of waiting days for a professional.

4. Wash Clothes In Cold Water

Start washing your clothes in cold water with a special detergent. 60 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature to aim for. If the water is an extra 15 degrees warmer, it’s going to cost you $50-100 more per year.

That’s enough to cover the cost of your cold-water detergent. Just don’t wash anything in cold water if it’s thick with mud. Keep washing your linens in hot water because it’s the only way you’ll be able to kill bugs.

5. Use Natural Light More Often

Environmentally-friendly people will tell you to replace old light bulbs with LED ones. Nobody tells you to stop using lights as often in the first place. The sun will give you all the light you need during the day.

You will need to change a few things to take advantage of sunlight. Use glass doors throughout your house, install a few skylights, and hang mirrors near windows to ensure light bounces around your rooms when it comes inside.

Everything Starts To Add Up

I bet you could come up with hundreds of things that would help save the planet. If you’re not even implementing the cheap ones, you need to ask yourself if you really care.