White Sauce (Creamy) Udon from Just BBQ

This week’s recipe comes from Taiwanese Street Food and Hotpot Restaurant Just BBQ. This White Sauce Creamy Udon is the perfect solo meal or a tasty snack to share with some friends.

White Sauce Creamy Udon from Just BBQ
Photo by MunchWithLynn

White Sauce (Creamy) Udon

Makes 1 serving good for solo eating or to share as a snack with up to 3 of your family and friends


– 1 pack of udon noodle (size of pack may vary, but usually around 200g)
– 1tsp cooking oil
– 16g of butter
– sliced white onion (as much as you’d like to add, we use 50-100g)
– 130mL of milk
– 130mL of cream
– 2tsp chicken powder


1. If your udon noodle is frozen, defrost for a few minutes in warm water

2. Use a wok and turn your burner on high heat

3. Add 1tsp of cooking oil, mix around the wok

4. Add udon, butter, milk, cream, onion and chicken powder one after the other

5. Stir constantly while paying attention to the thickness of the sauce

6. Once the sauce becomes thicker and starts to “stick” onto the wok, give it another 10-20 seconds to cook and it’s ready to eat!

7. Finish: Top with masago and sliced seaweed then douse with seaweed powder. Serve on a dark coloured plate to enhance the presentation of this easy to make, delicious dish!