The rise of scratch cards in online casinos

Scratch cards or “scratchies” are a significant part of society. Even during the days when most forms of gambling were outlawed, scratch cards were one of the few exceptions to the rule.

Since their emergence in 1974, scratch cards have been purchased by millions of Canadians. In this guide, we chart the prevalence of online scratch cards and why they are such a popular way to play.

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Easy gambling, big wins

Not everyone wants to learn the ins and outs of a game such as Texas Hold’em Poker. Many people are looking for a game they can relax with, especially if they don’t have much time in their schedules.

If we examine online scratchies at MegaRush, playing is as simple as purchasing a scratch card and virtually removing the panels to see if you have won. Whether you have prior experience with gambling or not, anyone can jump into scratch cards and understand how they work in minutes.

Moreover, the payouts for these cards are often substantial. Only the top progressive slots can offer the same jackpots as a scratch card. So, with the chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on one card, it should come as no surprise that online scratch cards have become so popular.

Why are online scratch cards so popular?

Almost two-thirds of Canadians participate in some form of gambling. Whether this is buying a lottery ticket or signing up for an online casino, there are so many ways to play.

This is the primary reason why online scratch cards have soared in popularity. Let’s examine some of the reasons why online scratch cards are worth playing.

Low buy-in

Not everyone has a large bankroll they can wield to partake in an online casino. Scratch cards can be purchased online for mere cents.

It’s one of the few games whereby you can still make large jackpots without putting down a wedge of cash. Even with a low-value scratch card, you can nail a massive, life-changing jackpot.

Play anywhere

Don’t have time to drive to the store and stand in line to purchase a scratch card?

With online casinos in Canada, you don’t have to. As one of the most popular online casino games, it takes only seconds to log in to your account and purchase any scratch card you want.

Unlimited variety

Convenience stores may only have a small number of scratch cards that rarely change. The same cannot be said for their online cousins.

Online scratch cards come in literally thousands of variations. This allows you to enjoy an entirely new experience every time you play. With an online account, you’ll never get bored.

Massive jackpots

Progressive slots are renowned for their huge jackpots, but online scratch cards also have huge jackpots that don’t require hours of play to unlock.

Even if this is your first time, you could purchase a single scratch card and hit the jackpot. You’ll receive your money instantly, with no questions asked, meaning it could only take minutes for you to win a life-changing amount and withdraw it to your bank account.

Luck over skill

Skill-based games aren’t everybody’s preferred way to play. Not everybody wants to worry about training or upping their skills to beat the house or other players.

One of the reasons why online scratch cards are so attractive is that you require zero skill to play them. Instead, you can pick one up, press a button and find out whether you’ve won.

Unlike a lot of online casino games, this one is based entirely on luck, with no prior experience necessary.

Scratch cards unleashed

Gone are the days of the boring piece of paper and a coin to scratch away the relevant windows. Online scratch cards are evolving as players alter their lifestyles. Today’s online scratch cards contain a range of added features to make them more engaging.

Some examples of online scratch card features include:

  • Symbols – Match the symbols to win. Depending on the game, each symbol will come with a different image.
  • Jackpots – Main and secondary jackpots are available, providing you with more ways to win.
  • Payouts – Take advantage of different payout options to enhance your chances of winning.

Online casinos are constantly innovating, making scratch cards one of the most accessible and engaging games to jump into.


Online scratch cards herald the era of the casual gambler – these are the players who may only gamble occasionally or prefer to stick to low-stakes games.

As online casinos increasingly cater to this group, it should be no surprise that scratch cards are becoming an even more significant facet of the online casino scene.

What’s your favourite online scratchie?