Modern acoustic booths for office spaces. Why does it pay off?

The proximity of other workstations and the noise generated by people and equipment in open spaces make it difficult to do conceptual work or exchange relevant information. For the sake of the comfort, efficiency, and well-being of employees, both business owners and corporate interior designers are looking for new and innovative solutions. Sound-absorbing carpets, acoustic walls, and ceiling panels that eliminate reverberation are all solutions that improve the acoustics of open-plan offices, but they do not provide enough privacy for phone calls and online meetings, or quiet for individual work. The best solution is acoustic cubicles, which are becoming an increasingly popular part of modern office design. Read the article and learn how acoustic cubicles affect the efficiency and functionality of modern office spaces.

Four reasons to put an acoustic booth in your office

Have you ever wondered how to create a workspace that combines comfort, functionality, and aesthetics while promoting efficiency? If so, Hushoffice acoustic booths are the perfect solution for your business. These innovative designs will fit perfectly into the office landscape, while providing greater comfort during individual work and meetings with several people. Wide variations in size and application makes it possible to optimally match them to the requirements of a given organization. From improved acoustic comfort to flexible space arrangement, experience the many benefits of acoustic booths in the office.

Solutions that improve acoustics in the office

Modern acoustic booths are innovative solutions that improve acoustics in the office and create a comfortable environment for meetings, recruitment interviews, training sessions, team brainstorming, or video conferences. For many workers, conversations between other people in close proximity to their desks are the most distracting factor when doing their jobs. Thanks to the use of specialized sound-attenuating materials (acoustic panels, special seals, acoustic glass), individual and collaborative work cubicles effectively reduce the level of human speech to below the noise of the office environment. They allow a non-invasive noise level of about 40 dB to penetrate them. 

Regardless of the size or nature of the office space, modern acoustic cubicles, available in several sizes, make it possible for each team member to focus fully on his or her tasks without being negatively affected by ambient noise or bustle. It’s an investment that brings tangible benefits to both employees and the organization as a whole.

Quick and efficient assembly and disassembly of cabins

Modern acoustic cubicles fit perfectly into the dynamic rhythm of the modern working world. The quick and efficient assembly and disassembly of the cabins is one of the biggest advantages of these innovative designs. The hushPhone phone booth has built-in casters, so it takes little effort to change its position. The flexibility and mobility offered by these solutions allows for quick adaptation to changing working conditions, project requirements, or team expansion.

An additional benefit of investing in acoustic cubicles, is that you can take them with you if you move office. This way, you don’t have to make another investment in arranging a space for group work or individual quiet work. This is a piece of equipment that stays with a company for years to come and will easily adapt to changes in organization and office space.

The perfect place for online and landline calls

Dominant in business communications today are phone calls and video conferencing, which require seclusion. Remodeling an office or multiplying meeting rooms costs money and disorganizes work. Acoustic booths easily solve the problem of a lack of space for individual work, online meetings, teamwork, or relaxation. These are thoughtful and ergonomic solutions. They are not only distinguished by their modern, elegant appearance, but above all, they are comfortable and practical. The designers took care to ensure tactile-friendly materials and a visually appealing finish inside.

Thanks to advanced technologies, such as motion-sensor-activated lighting and ventilation systems, optimal conditions for health and comfort are maintained within. Even when staying in multiple-person cabins like hushMeet for long periods of timeyou don’t experience stuffiness or unpleasant odors. The ventilation systems range in capacity from 100 m³/h to 140 m³/h (or 58.90 CFM to 82.46 CFM). As a result, employees can focus on their tasks while enjoying a pleasant work environment that promotes creativity and efficiency.

Multi-dimensional configuration of acoustic cabins is possible

One of the important advantages of Hushoffice acoustic booths is that they can be configured in terms of color and finish, as well as equipment. Choosing the color of the body and glass, and the color of the upholstery inside makes it easy to adapt the cabin to the current arrangement of the office, so that it complements it. There are a number of product personalization options to choose from, so an acoustic cubicle designed for individual or team work can reflect the spirit of the company and be an asset in terms of recruiting new talent. The acoustic booths can be rearranged and positioned as needed, allowing the creation of diverse work zones, regardless of the size, shape, or nature of the office.