“Five Minutes With” local Synth-Pop Artist Deep Covers

Calgary’s DEEP COVERS is the dark synth-pop project of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Wilson. He weaves brooding analogue synth tones with icy guitars and mechanical percussion. His sophomore album Dark World explores themes of sustainability in both physical and mental spaces while travelling expansive sonic landscapes.

There are albums in the annals of music history that are tied to and influenced by certain geographical locations. In September of 2019, shortly after experiencing the beautiful and foreboding volcanic landscapes of Iceland, Daniel returned home and began writing the album Dark World. The imagery of geological contrasts and alien terrain translated directly into his frothing organic analogue synthesizers. He experienced the effects of global warming in real time while watching pieces of ice fall from a glacier and float out into the sea. Daniel thought it to be a good metaphor for a life lived unsustainably in both physical and mental realms.

Deep Covers

Name: Daniel Wilson or Deep Covers

Genre: Synth-Pop

Founded: 2018

# of Albums: 2

Latest Release: Dark World

Latest Single: Repeater

Latest Video:

Favourite Local Restaurant:

The Coup, K Town Fried Chicken, Native Tongues, CB Drive In

Favourite band as a teenager:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Favourite band now:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Anything that was on “Electric Circus” back in the day

Live Show Ritual:

Don’t really have one

Favourite local artist:

Florida BC, Astral Swans

Nose Hill or Fish Creek??

Nose Hill, I grew up in the NW and NE

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

Both! Got to love insomnia, right?

Road or studio?

I think the creative process needs both.

Where can we follow you?





Twitch (for live streaming concerts)


Apple Music 

Any shows or albums coming up?

Livestreams on twitch coming soon on my danielwmusic channel!