“Five Minutes With” Calgary Jazz Musician Ellen Doty

Ellen Doty is a soulful Canadian vocalist and songwriter with a world-class voice. Her music incorporates everything from jazz to soul, folk, pop and indie music: a sound that is uniquely hers. Though she recently moved to Edmonton to be closer to her fiance, she still considers Calgary her home town. Doty’s most recent release “Come Fall” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts, and she followed it up with a Canadian tour, a jazz festival tour, and a tour in Japan with a feature performance at the Tokyo Jazz Festival. She’s currently writing for her next album.

Bella concert hall in Calgary (photo by Brendan Klem)
Bella concert hall in Calgary (photo by Brendan Klem)

Name: Ellen Doty

Genre: singer-songwriter jazz

Founded: N/A

# of Albums: 2 Full Length, 2 EPs

Latest Release: Come Fall

Latest Single: Maybe I Knew

Latest Video:

Favourite Local Restaurant:

Bridgette Bar

Favourite band as a teenager:

I loved Usher

Favourite band now:

Too many to choose from! I listen to jazz, hip-hop, indie-rock, singer-songwriter stuff, soul music, folk, and many genres in between.

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Chunky – Bruno Mars

Live Show Ritual:

Hot water with lemon, and lots of vocal warmups

Favourite local artist:

Kate Stevens

Nose Hill or Fish Creek?

Nose Hill

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?


Road or studio?

Ooooo, tough one. Studio I think.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Any shows or albums coming up?

Currently writing for my next album 🙂