“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Photographer Milena Vasquez

Maria Elena Vásquez Molina, better known as Mile or Milena, leads us on a captivating artistic journey influenced by her late father, Roberto Vásquez, a distinguished Bolivian botanist, photographer, and nature illustrator.

Roberto’s legacy as a dedicated orchid researcher profoundly shapes Mile’s artistic exploration, instilling in her a passion for botanical wonders and a commitment to the profound connection between art and nature.

Mile can’t stay home. She is always on the hunt with her camera for enchanting landscapes, fleeting moments, and visionary scenes to share with fellow nature enthusiasts. She meticulously maps green areas around her home in Calgary, Alberta, creating a visual narrative that transcends time and space.

Her images, characterized by their moving, timelessness, and romanticism, testify to the sacred moments shared between the artist and nature. Mile’s artistic expression becomes a medium through which these moments get immortalized, portraying the union between her creative spirit and the natural world.

Mile actively contributes to the artistic community in Calgary. As an equity-seeking artist, she endeavours to create a platform for Latin American immigrants and newcomer artists, offering support and fostering integration into the city’s vibrant artistic tapestry.

-Written by Maya Corona, friend and art partner

Milena Vasquez
Mariposita: A magical encounter with a butterfly. My sisters and I called my mom “mariposa” – Spanish for butterfly – because, like her favourite animal, she was always in colourful outfits and sparkly accessories, jumping flower to flower.
Milena Vasquez
Orchids: Following my dad’s food steps, through photography and exploration, the search for wild orchids continues in Canada.
Cabra; proud Capricorn, born January 1ist.
Artist nature; building community with the Blooming Diversity group this summer in Kananaskis. Our walks are peaceful, observant, and spiritual, cultivating warmth, safe space, and connection.
Cyanotypes: creating sun blueprints. I love experimenting with this old photographic process; it allows me to blend my artistic work with my father’s botanical archives.
Preparing substrates in my home art studio.
Milena Vasquez
Markets: They’re great for sales, exposure, and connections- but they’re also so much work! Support your local artists by visiting their points of sale and buying their art; it’s good for all of us.
Milena Vasquez
We closed the year with our final exhibition, Blooming Diversity: The Harvest, after a year of working with the artist community, loving nature, and living creatively.


Which ’hood are you in?

I lived in Woodbine for 15 years before moving to lovely Canyon Meadows near Fish Creek two years ago.

What do you do?

I’m a mom, artist, photographer, and designer.

What are you currently working on?

I’m expanding my art and design business while creating a community for artists & friends who find inspiration, healing, and community through art and nature.

Where can we find your work?

To check my portfolio, find out more about me, workshop announcements, nature field trips, art events, sales, and fiesta fiesta, visit my website. To follow my photographic, biophilic and philosophic posts, follow me on Instagram and also Food love: provecho gracias.

To see my landscape work in person, visit: “Andean Accents” in Kensington, Calgary. A brand-new store dedicated to Latin American arts and crafts.

Selected work online in the 2024 PhotoEd Magazine’s Digital Edition Photography Publication.

Over the years, I’ve exhibited and organized art events in Calgary, including the Blooming Diversity Art Exhibition at NVRLND, the Merkado Exhibition, the Calgary Artist Studio Show, and the Calgary Orchid Show, where I was invited as an artist. I’ve also been part of various events such as the Artwalk Exhibition at the Calgary Renovation Show, the Latin American Art Exhibition at Casa Mexico, Souls of the Land, and +15 Galleries, as well as the All Saints’ Virtual Exhibition at the Kiyooka Ohe Art Center.


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