Best free apps to watch live sports in Canada

Sports lovers are today spoilt for a choice as to where they can catch live action. There was a time when they had limited options, where if one did not get a ticket to watch the game in the stadium or get time to catch it on TV, that would be it. One would only wait to watch it as a repeated game. While this provided the sports enthusiasts with details on how the action went down, it did not give the thrill that comes with watching live games. However, that is all changed now, their more options than were available in yesteryears. The level of technological advancement allows players to watch games even in Canada sports betting apps. Platforms that provide them with a chance to wager for their favourite games and teams and also catch the action as it unfold. As experts point out, it is a great experience for the punters to wager for their favourite games and at the same time engage in watching games. Although there is no scientific evidence, some believe that the chances of winning bets are highly increased. In this article, we will explore the Canada betting apps where sports enthusiasts can watch live sports.

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As observed by Kate Richardson, a sports betting analyst, it can be a herculean task to select the right apps that offer streaming services owing to their large numbers. It is even made worse by the fact that some of them are free. Her advice is that one should not rush to pick a platform just because it is free. There is certain consideration to be made as not all free platforms are the best. Experts like Kate believe that some of the platforms are out to mine data and players need to be careful when accepting free service. However, she in her years of reviewing betting platforms has found that several genuine platforms offer users a great experience. Some of the insights and analysis that she has done as well as the profile can be accessed here.

Free apps

Given that we are in a world where technology allows you to watch live matches from any corner of the world, which of these platforms are worth selecting. For beginners, there are two types of platforms; there are those that will require the users to subscribe while others are available for free. As pointed out by Kate Richardson, free apps also offer the best experience, where users can catch the action live and at the same time wager for their teams. We will present the best app, although not on any order.

Sportsnet App

Being one of the leading media sites, users not only get a chance to catch sports live but also a mix of news on different sporting events. The channel covers major sporting events not just in Canada but also across the globe. Users also get a chance to update them with the latest news but also add knowledge on different games through the informative opinion pieces that are aired on the channel. While the app is mainly available on Android, other platforms are also not left behind.

DAZN Streaming app

Many know the lives sports streaming app for its popularity in Europe and US, but it is also catching up in Canada. Although it started with boxing, it has since moved to incorporate other sports. It currently covers major sports leagues in North America and Europe including soccer and motorsports.

Maple Leafs App

Hockey is one of the most popular sporting events in Canada and its fans are well-catered for. This streaming app is specifically for these fans. In addition to free streaming, those who may want to get premium services can subscribe to the app.


Canadian sports betting fans rank this online app as the best in streaming needs. The fact that it is free does not mean that the app does not offer premium action. Users can watch live matches as well as bookmark favourite content and get back to it after some hours or even days. It has a massive database allowing the saving of a huge amount of videos.


With this sports streaming app, users can watch a variety of games including:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Golf 
  • Basketball
  • Cycling, among others

The easy-to-use app allows the users to navigate easily selecting the major sports or favourite matches. The app may be intrusive due to the pop-ups but this is compensated by the action that is provided in the platform. The app features offer the users a great experience including launching game videos as they watch. So, if the match is not exciting enough, users do not have to follow from start to end, they can pick on when to leave and return to the match and get the action when it is worth it.


Although it is mostly known to offer free cricket streaming, the app also offers users a chance to watch other games such as soccer, tennis, golf, and rugby among others. Users are warned to be on the lookout as there can be misleading pop-ups especially when the ad-blocker is installed.

If you miss the action in the stadium or can’t watch TV at any given time, turn off your best live-streaming app and enjoy the game. With these and more live sports streaming apps, you are spoilt for a choice, select the one that fits your needs and cheer your favourite team.