What to do in Calgary this January, 2024

New year, new goals, new things to do this month. If your new years resolution is to get out more then you have come to the right place. It’s true that things tend to quiet down over the month of January but there are still a lot of adventures to be had. As stated, this is a time when we set new objectives for ourselves and pursue with added vigour. Some of you will want to quiet down after the holidays but some will want to know: What can I do now? Both of these attitudes are good to practice. Listed below you will find events that will help get you on track to achieve your latest purpose or if you are just not ready to give up the fun yet.

What to do in Calgary this January

Calgary Renovation Show

When: January 12-14, 2024
Where: BMO Centre

Got some renos that need to be taken care of? Is it on your new years resolution list to fix up a part of your house? This is just the event to get you started. This year “Island of Bryan’s” Bryan Baeumler is making an appearance and can give you some great advice on home repair. We all have busy lives and sometimes we need a little help finding someone who knows their stuff when it comes to renovation.

This show can help whether you are a DIY expert needing a new project or a person looking to hire a professional carpenter (for example). https://www.calgaryrenovationshow.com/


Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra: Drag Story Time

When: January 14, 2024
Where: Jack Singer Concert Hall

Calgary Pride is bringing story time to young audiences by having a telling of Sergei Prokofiev’s classic tale, “Peter and the Wolf.” The storytellers will be the famous drag performers Aida Cupcake and The Frizz, leading us through Peter’s adventures at trying to find the wolf who is wreaking havoc in his village. Accompanied with the musical performances of the CPO, we will get a true feel for the story. This is a family-friendly event where inclusivity is key and fun is in the air.


What to do in Calgary this January

New Years Day Brunch

When: January 1
Where: Heritage Park

Hopefully, your new years resolution isn’t going on a diet because this brunch is a culinary-lovers dream. However, it is not just about their wonderfully homemade buffet breakfast that they are serving. You get to eat it in their museum where they keep their large collection of antique cars. That’s right! You get to dine in Gasoline Alley and enjoy what the museum has to offer. Don’t forget your cocktail either. Brunches in car museums are even better with a cocktail. Just don’t drink and drive!


What to do in Calgary this January

High Performance Rodeo

When: January 15-February 4
Where: Laycraft Lounge

One Yellow Rabbit is taking over downtown and going to go wild for three whole weeks. The High-Performance Rodeo is a live art carnival where you will find all kinds of cutting-edge and bold shows of various genres to explore diverse voices, stunning creativity, and cultural self-expressionism. It is an adventure for audiences who love theatre, dance, film, and cabarets. This year they also have free lunchtime concerts for every professional curious enough to step in.


Mean Girls Musical

When: January 16-21
Where: Southern Jubilee Auditorium

Tina Fey’s smash hit is coming to our stage. We get to witness a naive teen’s transition from the African Savannah to an American high school. There she meets a clique known as the plastics; a few ruthless popular girls led by Regina George. After enduring a betrayal from Regina, our heroine devises a plan to end this queen bee’s reign once and for all. Can she do it without getting stung? Only this Broadway play can tell you.


Introduction Festival

When: January 19
Where: Calgary International Airport

What is a better way to start the year off than inviting our newest Canadian visitors who have just settled into a party at the airport? Those who are from a different country, looking to make a better life for themselves and their families here are welcome to make some new friends. This normally caters to international students from SAIT, MRU, etc. but every visitor is welcome. Start your year off right by making some new connections.


The Wedding Fair

When: January 21
Where: BMO Centre

Did you get engaged over the holidays? If the answer is yes then you must be looking for some ideas about what to have at your wedding. Look no further than this expo that is highlighting all things matrimony. You can learn more about party favours, event spaces, dresses, the cake, and everything you can think of. This is a good way to get some ideas, see what is available, and find the wedding of your dreams. For an added bonus you can also get some information about your dream honeymoon destination as well.


Meteor Shower

When: January 23-February 11
Where: Max Bell Theatre (Arts Commons)

The days seem a bit darker now. January always seems like it is more night than day (thank you twilight at 4:30 PM). But don’t see this as a means to get yourself down. Instead look for the Steve Martin comedy that is coming to Theatre Calgary. Dark nights can equal big laughs and this rip-roaring laughter-filled play is just the way to spend an evening. Especially when it involves two couples who are losing grip on reality which leads to crazy chaos and one heck of a view of the skies.


Goblin: Oedipus

When: January 30 – February 3
Where: Big Secret Theatre (Arts Commons)

If you are looking for something a little less contemporary and a lot more historic than look no further. After a previous sold-out show of Macbeth, the goblins take the stage once again in the tale of Oedipus. Adding an old Greek tragedy with goofy whimsy, this is a tale of how one man’s hunt for revenge turns into a fate which he can not escape. Even if he didn’t want the outcome in the first place, the gods had other ideas which lead him to marry the most unexpected of people. A mix of laughter and screaming is promised.


When a new start is rolling around the corner, it is time to jump in with both feet and enjoy. New starts can create hope for the future and in this case, it is the year. There are always some challenges that we have to face but there are also new solutions. Some solutions just mean you have to get out of the house and enjoy life. Happy New Year, everybody!


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