Narcos, Vikings, and Jumanji: Why Do Online Casino Providers Add Licenced Games to Their Catalogue?

If you have found yourself browsing an online casino in the past couple of years, you may have stumbled upon a growing number of licensed games that appear to have recently emerged. It may not necessarily be a brand-new phenomenon in the online gaming world but with the trend picking up traction, a growing number of online gamers are beginning to wonder why online casino providers are deciding to add licensed games to their catalogue. 


To appeal to the masses 

It is no secret that licensed games are more likely to attract and retain valuable customers than unlicensed games and, by doing so, appeal to the masses. If a particular licensed slot has been designed with a recent big-budget blockbuster or ongoing television show in mind, for example, long-time and recent fans will more than likely be scrambling to grab a slice of the action in any way, shape or form they can. This has already proven successful with the games based on franchises such as Narcos, Vikings, and Jumanji.

To surpass the competition

In today’s overcrowded online gaming and casino marketplace, online casino providers looking to break into the industry and surpass the competition must be able to show they can deliver something that differs from what is already on the market. This has led to the emergence of a growing number of new online casinos delivering a whole host of licensed and branded content – think Jumanji, Narcos and Vikings for example –  already under their belts or under construction. In addition to surpassing the competition, it also places them firmly on a pedestal from launch and delivers an industry standard for others to follow. 

To expand their existing reach

In an attempt to expand their existing reach, more online casino providers than ever before are partnering with some of the planet’s biggest entertainment brands to repurpose a world-class franchise into online gaming form for both inexperienced and experienced online gamers to enjoy. If an online gamer is on the hunt for their next favorite online casino, for example, licensed games can be the difference between them deciding to find out more and continuing their search elsewhere. 

To cater to existing fans 

If an online gamer is an existing fan of a particular media franchise, such as a recent book-to-movie adaptation or long-standing television series, they may be swayed by the presence of a licensed slot and shift their entire online gaming efforts to the online casino that provides the title. This can be a great way to also ensure you are providing a first-class user experience from start to finish by listening to feedback and administering any updates if and when necessary. 

If you have ever stumbled upon a licensed slot, you may have wondered what has powered their explosive popularity in recent years. They have, however, largely been added by online casino providers to appeal to the masses, surpass the competition, expand their existing reach, and, last but not least, cater to existing fans.