The Doug Pensinger Photography Fund Announces Grants For New Sports Photographers

As reported by BSN, the Doug Pensinger Photography Fund (DPPF) has announced its first round of mentorships and grants. Established just last year, the DPPF offers a fresh approach to its nonprofit emphasis on up and coming sports photographers. Furthermore, the fund promotes diversity and inclusivity, as well as providing free access to participants based on their accomplishments. It provides $5,000 grants for the best three applicants and $1,000 grants for a further seven applicants.

sports photographer

Sports photography offers a way for those with a passion for sports to pursue what they love. Sports continues to enthral us, and we engage with it in many different ways, whether participating, spectating, or betting on those we have faith will win the next major event. Unfortunately,  coronavirus is leading affecting businesses all over the world, from mom and pop stores to large corporations. The global economy is on the brink of a recession, and sports photographers are facing a loss of income, just like any other profession. Photography in the current climate is regarded as a luxury as opposed to a necessity. Furthermore, there are no sporting events currently taking place, which means there are no opportunities for sports photographers to do their job. The fund provides support to the next generation of artists who will hopefully be working in less challenging times.

Annual gathering

Along with grants worth more than $20,000, the DPPF holds the Sports Photography Gathering, which takes place each year. At the event, those in receipt of an award are given feedback on their portfolios, a chance to meet professionals on the DPPF Advisory Board, and participation in group sessions focused on critical issues around career development. This year’s event is set to be held in September at Golden, Colorado and will feature a presentation from representatives of Getty Images who will be covering this year’s Olympic Games.

The informal yet dynamic format of the fund will allow access to working professionals, while also paying tribute to Doug Pensinger and his generosity, determination, and optimistic approach to both his personal and professional life.

Life beyond photography

Doug understood the significance of a quality sports shot, but also had enough intelligence not to let that particular aim consume him. That’s why he appealed to so many, according to Simon Bruty, a member of the DPPF Board. Bruty, who has worked for the International Olympic Committee and Sports Illustrated, added that the DPPF encourages aspiring photographers, while also reminding everyone that there is more to the day in a life of a photographer than the perfect shot.

Pensinger began his photography career at just 15 years of age when he worked as a freelancer for newspapers in 1980 Pennsylvania. He secured a role as an employee at Public Opinion in Chambersburg before later returning to life as a freelancer, working for Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Associated Press, and The Washington Post. He would also go on to cover such events as the Gulf War, Somalia, the invasion of Panama, and Bosnia for The Army Times. Another staff role, this time with Allsport, transitioned into a full-time gig with Getty Images, which saw him travel the world to cover the Olympic, the Tour de France, Super Bowls, the World Series, World Cups, and multiple World Championships.

All backgrounds and levels

In order to qualify for the grant, applicants must prove they are seriously pursuing a career in sports photography. Incomplete submissions won’t be considered, and all judge’s decisions are binding. Those with over three years sustained professional experience are not considered suitable for the programmes.

There is no application fee and non-U.S.citizens can apply, although they will need to arrange their own visas, as well as transport to the Sports Photography Gathering. Applications must include a resume, contact information, and a portfolio of 15-20 sports photographs.

Application are open from through May 1, 2020, with the deadline for submission on May 1.