Canada’s Defence Against Online Financial Fraud

Consumer behaviours have changed significantly over the last few decades, with many choosing the convenience and speed of online transactions. The digital revolution has been embraced by a variety of industries that recognized its potential and took the opportunity to reduce overheads and shift their focus toward online operations. Forward-thinking businesses have also explored security options to ensure security for themselves and their customers.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash
  • Interac has launched complimentary Fraud Fighters classes to educate users about the latest fraud prevention techniques.
  • Interac’s Fraud Fighters Classes focus on assessing potentially dangerous situations, analyzing the situation to identify potential scams, and how to raise concerns to the relevant authorities.
  • Classes will take place at United Boxing Club located at 1034 Bloor St W., Toronto, ON M6H 1M3.
  • Interac’s traditional electronic transaction service is used more than 20 million times every day by Canadians.

Online banking, shopping, and gambling are just some of the ways that consumers enjoy far greater flexibility with dedicated websites and apps making them easy to access via mobile devices.

In Canada, Interac offers customers a secure way to carry out digital financial transactions and is capable of handling large or small transactions, and is widely used across various industries. For example, gambling expert Sergio Zammit explains the benefits of using low-deposit online casinos in Canada. Operators that allow deposits as low as 5 dollars provide customers with a way to access thousands of online games without the risk of spending more than they can afford. Many people also use the service to repay friends and family when splitting a check, or use it like a debit card when making in-person purchases at a number of retailers. Whatever the occasion, Interac makes it easy for customers to carry out small, regular transactions like these or larger transactions and provides peace of mind.

Their Fraud Fighter classes are also intended to equip internet users with the skills required to stay safe when carrying out transactions. The classes are free, but users must register via the United Boxing Club website or app. The classes that take place at Toronto’s United Boxing Club have limited availability and are likely to be booked out fast.

The Fraud Fighters classes will focus on the three fundamentals of online security; Stop, Scrutinize, and Speak Up.

Learning how to take your time to asses situations before providing personal information or making payments is key to avoiding fraudulent activity. Scrutinizing offers, emails, and text messages for signs of a scam should mitigate risk while reporting potential criminal activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and other relevant authorities will help to protect others.

Interac’s experience is crucial to millions of Canadians who carry out online financial transactions on a daily basis. They have links with almost 300 financial institutions to ensure quick and secure transactions.

While all online industries strive to protect customers, advanced techniques used by cybercriminals result in approximately 5% of all Canadian digital transactions suspected of being fraudulent.

Surveys of Canadians also revealed that 60% had been targeted by attempted online fraud, with 10% of these falling victim to it. These frightening figures underline the importance of vigilance and education surrounding online fraud.

Fraudulent activity can disguise itself among legitimate businesses through third-party advertising or can target consumers directly. Interac’s online payment services are helping to reduce the risk of fraud, ensure security, and the classes being held for Canadians will also help to improve education on the issue.