My Digital Life: Calgary Blogger Jana Janevska

Jana Janevska, also known as “Living Good with Jana” on TikTok, is a Calgary blogger who is all about sharing life as is. With 18.2K followers on TikTok and 15.5K on Instagram, Jana showcases life in Calgary from food, events and lifestyle to sharing her stories/experiences. We had a chance to chat with her to find out more about what she does.

Jana Janevska

What is your channel called and what is it about?

I have a few channels actually! You can follow me on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

My social media channels are dedicated to showcasing life as it naturally unfolds, embracing its genuine essence without elaborate planning or overthinking. The inspiration behind my channels stems from a personal desire to romanticize life, which I now openly share with others. I primarily highlight various aspects of Calgary life, including events, food, and lifestyle trends. Additionally, I offer glimpses into my personal journey, spanning from my career in social media and content creation to entrepreneurship, my battle with acne, fashion endeavours, travel journeys, and beyond. I also love sharing insights into working in social media, navigating brand collaborations, and everything in that realm of work. I offer glimpses into the journey of being my own boss and what it’s like to run a social media marketing agency as well as a wedding day content creation business. Through dedicated social media pages, I delve into these topics, expressing my passion for the work I do and the industries I’m immersed in. My content is a reflection of this journey – a blend of authentic experiences, shared with enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Overall – I share a little bit of everything (filtered to an extent… oversharing is part of the brand and who I am haha).

As for my work accounts, here they are: Wedding Day Bestie on Instagram & TikTok (Wedding Day content creation) and JJ Media on Instagram (Social Media Marketing)

When did you start it? What motivated you at the beginning?

My journey began with my Instagram page, “Eating Good in YYC,” which has been my creative outlet from the start. The spark ignited in August 2019 when a minor ankle fracture left me confined at home with lots of time on my hands. I was also at the time the go-to friend on my personal Instagram (@jana.janevska) and amongst my friends. I had previously dabbled in setting up blog sites, instinctively drawn to sharing recipes and my foodie adventures. Though unfamiliar with the formalities of blogging, I had always gravitated towards online content creation, particularly around cooking and baking.

On one day in August 2019, while nursing my ankle, I impulsively decided to start an Instagram page. Sorting through all of my stored photos, I began posting and learning the platform. As TikTok gained momentum, I ventured into the realm of short-form content creation, setting up my TikTok account May 2020.

I remember my ‘day in the life in Calgary’ vlogs and showcasing spots I was checking out did well, which encouraged me to keep posting. My main motivation was simply having a creative outlet.

Honestly, when I started this journey, I never imagined social media could become a job. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and I wasn’t sure where it would lead. But I’ve always known I wanted to work for myself and feel fulfilled in what I do. During COVID, when I was finishing my undergraduate degree online, classmates mentioned they liked my videos and it felt surreal. Blogging and starting a social media marketing agency kept me busy and were great for my well being.

Near the end of my degree, I started my marketing agency. My blogs were incredibly helpful, teaching me everything about social media marketing and the influencer world. This knowledge, which I share with others on my page and apply to client work, has been invaluable to my journey.

Who were you inspired by? Any influences?

I’ve drawn inspiration from a variety of business owners and creators, particularly from those I encountered online. Watching different creators made me realize that ‘wait, this looks incredible, I’m drawn to this and I can do this too.’ While I don’t recall specific influences, I immersed myself in a plethora of content, especially on YouTube, particularly during COVID when I consumed a LOT of social media content.

Locally, Mai Pham stands out as a significant influence. Although she’s not in Calgary now (she lived here for a bit), her thriving journey resonated with me deeply. She exemplifies how authenticity and consistency can lead to success. Additionally, I stumbled upon a few local food and Calgary blogs on Instagram (although I can’t remember specific names), which sparked the realization that ‘hey, I can do this too.’ It was a liberating feeling to acknowledge that I could carve my own path.

For a while, I felt a sense of being behind as I compared myself to others frequently. However, once I shifted my focus away from comparison and centered it on being true to myself and maintaining consistency, everything fell into place. It’s been a journey of growth, marked by the recognition that inspiration can come from various sources, both local and beyond. Following your passion is key to living a fulfilling life. It’s about embracing your journey and never settling for anything less than what makes you happy! Seeing creators online living their passion inspired me to do the same!

How would you describe your audience?

My audience is incredibly engaged and supportive, forming a genuine community around my content. Whether I’m sharing about my skin journey, daily challenges, or my typical food and lifestyle adventures, they show an investment in what I have to say. I attribute this strong connection to the authenticity of the content – I believe in documenting life as it happens, rather than creating curated content.

Moreover, my audience is driven by a shared motivation to live their best lives. Their encouragement and acceptance make me feel empowered to be my authentic self and share openly about my experiences.

They’re all my friends; we talk frequently in my DMs, sharing thoughts, experiences, and supporting each other along the way!

What is your creative process? Do you have people who work with you?

For my personal blogs, I predominantly work alone, and this applies to most of my endeavours. However, for my agency, I am fortunate to have one team member who significantly eases the workload. As for the blogs, I initiated and have been pursuing them solo, which currently suits me well. Nevertheless, I aspire to expand my team in the future, allowing for more collaboration and creativity.

Occasionally, I receive assistance from friends and family with certain brand deals, particularly in filming, and their support means everything to me. Overall, what you see online is just me, my thoughts, and I, navigating through my day-to-day experiences!

In terms of my creative process, I draw inspiration from consuming content, which fuels my creative endeavours. I document my daily life and transform these moments into content that I share with my audience.

How do you monetize your content? Do you also have another job?

In 2022, I began to see more of an income from social media, and 2023 proved to be more fruitful than the previous year. This growth inspires me to continue working on this passion of mine! My income primarily stems from brand deals, where I charge for specific content. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with brands like CircleK, Aperol, Taco Bell, Chipotle, New York Fries, and more.

Day to day, the content I share remains organic and authentic, reflecting my genuine experiences and interests. In addition to my social media endeavours, I made the decision to pursue self-employment in May of 2023. Currently, I am actively involved in my social media agency, JJ Media, as well as my wedding day content creation business, Wedding Day Bestie. These ventures, along with influencing, comprise a diverse portfolio of work, all centred around the realms of social media and content creation.

This is my full-time job, where I work for myself, generating income through content creation on my personal blog, working with clients through my social media marketing agency, and producing wedding day content.

What is your favourite piece of content you have created?

Not sure! Here are a few:

Chipotle – this was a surreal experience! I mean they all are haha…but this was super fun to film and I love Chipotle!

This video goes to show how simplicity is best sometimes! Showcase something you love, document something as simple as a walk and BAM people love it. It’s everyday life, it’s real.

I loved making this video with friends for Aperol Canada (another surreal collaboration) and it turned out so well! It was 45min+ of clips cut down to 30 seconds.

Silly one from my first TikTok account ever – it went viral, not sure why, I think it just triggered people and they had an opinion on my hair haha.

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

BEST: I absolutely thrive on creative freedom, setting my own pace, and partnering with brands I’ve admired for ages. It’s incredibly rewarding to have this creative outlet and pursue my passion with no bounds—it’s both daunting and exhilarating. Plus, the collaborative aspect is amazing! I’ve met and learned from so many incredible people. There’s simply no limit to what I can do!

WORST: Being online has its enjoyable moments, but there are times when it feels daunting, especially when facing judgment for simply being myself. Comparing myself to others is a struggle – I often find myself questioning my own progress, which can be toxic. Moreover, comparing myself to others in terms of appearance negatively impacts personal insecurities.

While I cherish the freedom that comes with managing everything myself, the pressure to succeed can sometimes feel overwhelming. Balancing life and content creation is a constant juggle – I want to capture everything while also maintaining my privacy. And let’s not forget about the numbers – they can either lift you up or bring you down, serving as a constant gauge of success.

What are your future plans for your channel?

My future plans for my channels revolve around continuous growth and expansion. I aim to delve deeper into lifestyle content, which I’m already incorporating on my current platforms and a separate TikTok page. Additionally, I aspire to grow my YouTube channel and explore opportunities for monetization.

Learning remains a priority in my journey, and I am committed to continuous growth and development. I also intend to host events in Calgary, responding to the requests from my followers for mingling and networking opportunities!

The progress I’ve seen in 2022 and 2023 fuels my excitement for even more growth in 2024. Beyond content creation, I plan to deepen my understanding of social media, onboard more clients for my marketing agency, and expand my wedding content creation business. Collaboration and connection with others will remain central to my future plans, as I continue to learn and grow within the vibrant community I’m fortunate to be a part of.

Where can we follow you?

TikTokInstagram | YouTube

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