“A Day in the Life” with Calgary Multimedia Artist Romy Tittel

Romy Tittel is an artist in various media, a gardener, chef, environmental and political activist, a gracious host of local artists, a science geek, an animal lover, and passionate about life and humanity – a polymath and a great life partner!

She is naturally talented and creative, making her artwork striking and refreshingly honest. Romy excels at everything she touches with her exquisite taste, style, and tenacious ability to do any task, no matter how hard.

Her multi-talents helped create our Harvest Moon Habitat living space. It exudes peace, tranquillity, a genuine connection to nature, and a daily reminder of what can be accomplished in life when you let your imagination soar.

Her art is borne out of her values and passion. She is kind, compassionate, and always ready to help people in need, whether a friend, an immigrant, or someone in distress. With honesty and integrity, she puts in a wholehearted effort, regardless of the task size. At times, it has been no less than Herculean in scope.

Over the 45 years together with her courage and optimism, we embarked on many life-enriching experiences and accomplished a great deal even though we both came from humble beginnings.

Her life achievements are an authentic tour de force in every sense.

-Written by Zaia Abraham, life partner

Romy Tittel
A view of my studio and surrounding garden looking west to the Rockies. The landscaping is designed, installed and maintained by me. I am always
incorporating my artisitic vision into my spaces, outdoors and indoors.
Romy Tittel
A close up of the garden from my studio deck. I am inspired by the colour, texture and materials around me. The arched bridge in the picture was
designed to reflect the metal roof on my circular studio which itself was inspired by the Butler grain storage buildings in Alberta’s prairie landscape.
The two woods, redwood and cedar also reflect the silver and red colours of the studio.
This is a weathervane on my greenhouse that is inspired by my husband’s Assyrian heritage set against a stunning sunrise. This also connects the solar
landscape of constellations (Leo) into my world.
The wildlife that visits our garden.
The animals who call our place home. Dogs and a cat round out the four-legged family that keeps me busy and grounded in their love.
Romy Tittel
Applying my artistic expression with my journey into politics. I channeled my inner Sister Wendy analysis of what an artwork reveals in its details.
Romy Tittel
“Totem” – Painted cedar panel, representing my family.



Which ’hood are you in?

I live in Springbank.

What do you do?

I co-own a software company.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a “Totem” (painted cedar panel) representing my family.

The top of the totem represents my husband who soars with the eagles. I am the second figure represented by the beaver, as I work tirelessly. My husband, the eagle, lifts me up into the sky to show me his world, while I try to keep him grounded in my world.

The next symbol is the moon. I have an affinity for all things lunar hence the name of my studio “Harvest Moon”. The final figure, the wolf, represents all the animals who have joined us in our life’s journey.

Where can we find your work?

My work can be found on my website.


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