“A Day in the Life” with Calgary-based Visual Artist Piroska Pipo

Piroska Pipo loves her children, her grandchildren, her dog, and her garden. My mom is a beautiful person, and she makes beautiful artwork inspired by what she loves.

But my mom wasn’t always an artist. I remember it happened slowly – one day at the library she checked out some drawing books. For years I remember her sitting at the table after all the dishes were put away, sketching for hours with her library books all over. People started to notice her drawings and began asking for commissions. Commissions turned into requests for classes for adults, and then for their kids too. With classes came a studio, art shows, and paintings sold all over. My mom still gets a kick out of people telling her she’s so lucky to have such a talent for art – they don’t know that anyone can be an artist with enough patience, practice, and dedication. This is what she teaches to her students as well, and I think for many it’s the first time they’ve realized they can be good at art too.

-Written by Jessica Pipo, daughter

Piroska Pipo
The latest painting I finished
Piroska Pipo
Working with kids taught me to believe in fairy tales
Painting portraits
More of my work
Having a recognizable style is not important to me, I like to jump around to different techniques and mediums
After a long winter, looking forward to spring
Piroska Pipo
The studio, where I teach children, ages 6-18
Piroska Pipo
More studio


Which ‘hood are you in?

My home studio is in the community of Evergreen, where I teach and create.

What do you do?

My artistic style is an ongoing journey, constantly evolving.

What are you currently working on?

I usually work on 2-3 simultaneously, jumping from a realist piece to abstract Impressionism. Exploring different tools and techniques allows me to learn and not limit my style.

Where can we find your work?

One of my paintings is exhibiting at Leighton Art Centre until June 9th.

I also participate in local art shows with the Calgary Art Community and Beacon Original Art. You can also see my work in my studio and Instagram.


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